Some Days Are Diamonds…Some Days Are Dust…

You’ve probably heard that saying before. Well it also applies the life of one who writes a daily Blog. Most of the time we’re going and doing lots of places and things…so writing a daily Blog entry is a fairly simple task. But yesterday wasn’t that kind of a day. So, here’s an example of a Dust Blog day!

Yesterday was our second day at the Golden Sun RV Resort in Apache Junction, Arizona. See yesterday’s Blog entry for more information about this place…

I spent the morning doing odds and ends things, like cleaning up computer files, replacing a contaminated water hose, emptying our waste tanks, cleaning our solar panels, troubleshooting our tv antenna system, contacting friends to set up visiting times…those sorts of things. So what to write about today?

When I got up this morning it stuck me! In numerous previous Blogs I’ve mentioned how much Mary makes me laugh…so I thought I’d give you a couple of examples. A few days back in one of Mary’s Blog entries she wrote about a pack rat midden,

Here’s the link where Mary wrote about the pack rat midden…

Being an ex-military guy and ex-engineer…I tend to be somewhat neat and organized. Mary…on the other hand…hmmm. Let’s just say she’s a “collector”. At her home in California she has lots of “stuff”. I’ve told her many times all she needs to do is put up a sign and she could open her own museum. She’s trying hard to break this habit…but she’s not there yet!

Here’s a photo of what our table looked like first thing this morning. Can you guess which side of the table is hers?  🙂

Today it wasn’t too bad…it’s been worse! For whatever reason it reminded me of a pack rat’s midden. She also has several other “stashes” in our motorhome that I haven’t shown you. She’s really trying to get better. In the past she’s had my side of the table covered with her stuff. Since I’ve threatened to draw a line down the middle of the table…she’s gotten somewhat better.

Mary’s slogan is…”Bite off more than you can chew and chew it!” That can also be translated into…”Put ten pounds of stuff into a five-pound sack”. She just has a tendency to load things to their capacity and more. Here’s an example…

A photo of our refrigerator the day before she rejoined me about 2,5 weeks ago…

Here’s what it looked like a few days later…

She’s really trying to curb her stuffing tendencies…it’s been crammed tighter than this in the past.

Like I said earlier…she brings lots of laughter into my life. I wouldn’t trade her for the world!  🙂

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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