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My long time friend, Paul Moeller, and I had lunch yesterday at a place we like in Murphys. He is soon headed for Thousand Oaks to be with his girl friend for twelve days,  and I’m just arriving home after two months. So, we seized the day and put aside my mail and his project of carpeting his deck and zapped to town.

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Certainly, it is about sharing food, but more about sharing time. Being on the road has changed my lifestyle, so I always try to get together with old friends as much as I can when I’m home, even if it means dropping everything and obeying the rule, “people first”…

The world is a mess globally, but in your own small community you can find peace and sanity through family and friends.

My friend Jan came by and offered to teach me a rain dance, but I declined. Been there done that. I am thankful for the rain but I don’t like dancing in the mud.

Traveling can make you dizzy in a way. We drove from Hoh rain forest where the average rainfall is over 200 inches per year to California where we are in a deep drought. Earth, if we treat it right, is a grand place to live but carries death and destruction without intent, and surprises.  In Calama, a town in the Atacama Desert of Chile, records show, that it has never rained. Can you believe it?

Today, I will drive Jim to Palo Alto to have his pre-op exam on his eye, and a yearly check-up. Then back to Murphys. Much to do in the first week home.


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2 thoughts on “LUNCH WITH PAUL.

  1. Patricia Seiferth Short

    Glad you made it home safe. Loved your blog and read it everyday. Come on, get out there and do that rain dance!! hahaha. Good luck with Jim on his eye surgery. I watched Jim’s video regarding his grandson and boy what talent he has. Bill was also scouted during his Senior year at San Leandro High for AAA with the Yankees (was also a catcher). He turned it down because his wish was to become an Army Ranger and go to VietNam (weird-o – hahaha)… Glad to see there is some headway on your home Rogue River. It will be nice when it’s done.. Take care and talk with you later. Pat

    • 2gadabout

      Thanks Pat. You know, it was “our” place, neither Jean nor George. Silly me, I thought he would live forever. I loved him deeply. Glad you enjoyed the video. His grandson is really great and all the right people are impressed with him. Hope it happens. Didn’t know about Bill and baseball. Hey, Bill! You got Pat! That’s what counts.

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