We’re Not Too Hot Anymore!!!

Yesterday Mary and I drove the about 175 miles from Wimer to Florence, Oregon. Two days ago in Redding, California we were struggling with 90 degree temperatures. Roughly 350 miles north and on the Oregon coast, yesterday it was cloudy with showers and 55 degrees! The forecast for the next four days we are scheduled to be here is for more of the same.

After about 100 miles on Interstate Highway 5, we headed west for the coast on Oregon Highway 38 and 138…also known as the Umpqua River Scenic Roadway.

Scenic it was indeed! Here are a few photos…

We stopped at a wayside called Brandy Bar for lunch…

The view from our dinette window. With the exception of the windshield…this is the largest window in our motorhome and where we eat out meals. It’s a delightful window…the beautiful scenery  just keeps on changing on a very regular basis…nice!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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2 thoughts on “We’re Not Too Hot Anymore!!!

  1. Very interesting to read two takes on the same trip and two set of photos—contrasting what attracts each separate personality.

    • ramblinmanjimj

      Yup, we are two individuals who see the same things from different perspectives. Glad you like the reports.

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