Our First Ding…

Jim says:

You know it’s not if, but when? It happens eventually to all RVers.

If you drive an RV, sooner or later your going to come in contact with something.

The day before yesterday we arrived at the home of our good friends Horst and Margot Schneider in Yuma, Arizona and parked in their yard adjacent to their home.


When they had an RV, Horst parked it here. But our motorhome is a wide-body which means it’s six inches wider than a standard RV. Now that may not seem like much, but in an already tight space, it really matters. Note the awning overhang…

It’s my fault, I should have waited for Mary to assist with backing like I normally do, but she was busy parking the Bronco. My friend Horst was in back watching the rear of the motorhome. Yup, I got just a little to close after 1.5 years and about 15,000 miles of driving the motorhome.


Fortunately the awning is made of aluminum and gave way easily. Horst said not to worry…no big deal. So our first ding was really minor to the passenger side mirror casing…


I should be able to buff it out easily.

I wonder when and where the next one will be?

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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2 thoughts on “Our First Ding…

  1. Lori

    consider it christened. 🙂

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