Its been cold at night here in Yuma, and we keep having to remind ourselves its JANUARY, the MIDDLE OF WINTER. Yesterday was a short sleeve day even at that. We are husbanding our megabytes; we can’t load a gob of pictures until our signal recycles;  Instead, I read a lovely book by Anne Rivers Siddons, entitled Up Island. It was a fun read for me since Jim and I visited Martha’s Vineyard last summer where this book was set. Loved it. And, loved the relaxation of spending a whole day curled up with a good book. We did take two walks around the neighborhood. Had to get to Auto Zone for some fuses. And,  I snapped this desert themed mail/paper box previously.

Also saw an unusual garbage can. Truly the largest garbage can I’ve ever seen. A curiosity.Maybe they empty once a month? Saves money.

And, where water is scarce, you dig a well in your yard.
Americans are innovative, aye?

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