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A friend sent me a gift of stardust for Christmas in a sealed plastic bag.  I sent him a card to thank him and it happened to be one of the cards that was stolen out of my mailbox by kids rifling mail for checks and cash. So, I propped up the card I sent to Guerry and decided to open up the packet and actually touch a fallen star.

DSC06632 (Copy)

I was surprised at the density of the particles. Hard and brittle with a deep smudgy dust surrounding larger particles. My friend Jan came to help me and touched the dust an anointed my forehead.

DSC06634 (Copy)

I poured it into a planetary shaped crystal vessel.

DSC06640 (Copy)

I placed the vessel in one wand of the star above my bar. You can see the smudge on my forehead.

DSC06643 (Copy)

It was quite pretty. The vessel lit up with the Christmas lights and lo a star has risen. When the sun comes through the windows in the winter months, the crystal full of stardust will catch the rays of the sun. It was fun to do and I’m glad I found an appropriate place for it and that I got to touch the star matter instead of keeping it in a dreary plastic bag. It doesn’t take much to entertain some people.

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