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Last night, just as it was getting dark, the power went out. We have no street lights and when it gets dark, it is black hole dark. I spent the evening in my chair trying to read by candle light. Makes you appreciate your power company, but that kind of power is not my subject today.

I’m disgusted by John Boehner’s  frivolous lawsuit against President Obama. I’m remembering Kenneth Starr’s useless pursuit of the Whitewater Case during the Clinton Administration. The guy didn’t even give up his day job to investigate and cost we taxpayers millions of dollars for no indictments of anybody in the Whitewater case. He stretched out that investigation for months and bilked all of us.  Now, Boehner expects the taxpayers to pay for this lawsuit?

There has never been such an obstructionist congress since the constitution was ratified, and our founding father’s were a contentious bunch. But, their aim was the betterment of all. I believe this lawsuit is purely a power play at our expense.

I’m not a great fan of Obama, but let the guy do his job. If you don’t like him, and his cohorts, offer a better plan and vote them out.

Lets take a look at where we are. Food stamp use is skyrocketing, more Americans are unable to live on their wages. Not good. But it was congress who cut food stamps from $7 a day to $6. Can’t blame that on Obama. And businesses like Walmart, MacDonalds, etc. who pay their hundreds of thousands of workers half the poverty level wages while we taxpayers have to subsidize them with food stamps and medical care? The Republicans were lock step against raising the minimum wage.

Both parties, everyone including Obama, seem to be against regulating Wall Street interests and taxing the super rich to the previous working checks and balances.

Even so,  the jobless rate is forecast to drop to 6.1% from 6.3%, and many cities and states  are raising minimum wages, and many major economic indicators are pointing to a steady economic recovery. The real estate market is virtually recovered, though not at bubble prices. And millions of people have medical insurance who didn’t have it before.
Obama hasn’t performed miracles, but he ended two wars, secured the world’s loose nukes, got rid of Bin Laden and brought the last POW home. He disarmed a middle-eastern madman without firing a shot, and dashed Putin’s hope of a new Soviet empire. Now, if he could just get congress to work instead of pontificate, it really would be a miracle.

There are still pressing world issues, like climate change, extreme weather costs, women’s choices, equal pay, decisions made from an anti-scientific attitude. School textbook companies re-writing history to please the religious beliefs of a minority. Extremists trying to break down the wall between government and religion. But hey,  let’s sue Obama and spend a lot of taxpayer money and take attention away from any real issues.  It disgusts me.


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4 thoughts on “A SHAMEFUL POWER PLAY.

  1. I always wonder how many people (besides me and thee) hold these same thoughts, but are afraid to say so in print. I am an agnostic when it comes to religion; having never been dead, I really don’t know what awaits on “the other side”, if there is one. The only reason I can think of to believe in heaven and hell, is the topic person (and myriad ones like him) in your post. Hopefully there is a cubbyhole down below just waiting for him/them.

    What? Too harsh? Everything you say in your post is so true, and *they* should be totally ashamed of themselves as they wallow around in the luxury that they can afford because of their (fill in the blank)!

    With prices of foodstuffs accelerating at an astounding rate, to cut the per diem of food stamps (SNAP) is just unconscionable. It IS possible to eat well on that amount, but most people who are in these dire straits do not have the knowledge, ability, time or transportation to effect a good diet on $6. a day. They need help with the above four items, along with educational opportunities to learn how to plan, purchase, prepare, and preserve food for their families.

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    Virtual hugs,


    • 2gadabout

      Thanks for the support. I get so much flack from my republican friends, they think I hate republicans if I criticize republican obstructionism. And, that little black hole neither of us believe in would come in handy, now and then. After all, it is no secret that the day after Obama was elected, they vowed to destroy him and have been trying ever since. LOL.

      • I find it very difficult to have any republican friends because they are so hateful. We could talk for HOURS on this subject, I am sure. ;->

      • 2gadabout

        I have relatives who barely speak to me. My friends are more tolerant but we don’t talk politics very much. I do notice they will defy science and don’t read two sides of an issue. Maybe it is partly small town that makes people less willing to draw hard lines in the sand.

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