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2013 is gone and I’m looking back.  I had brunch for my good neighbors Ron and Suzy Hayes on New Year’s Eve morning. You just can’t beat good neighbors who help me consistently with any and everything should I need it.

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And, family members, Bill and Karen came along with neighbor Patty Gulyas. It was fun and I didn’t get around to blogging it, so I’m looking back.

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I celebrated New Year’s Eve at neighbor Jan’s. Veronica blows a horn and hoists a glass.

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Mikey had to stay in the house during the party because we had a lion scare. It was seen wandering behind my house and it is easy to follow if you stick your head out the window and listen to the pattern of barking dogs in the neighborhood. Karen locked her cats inside for the night.

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Atilla and Patty did the same with their dogs before coming over. Atilla brought a platter of homemade sausages. Some pork, some venison. The food in this neighborhood is always good even if my pictures are lousy. Using a flash would have helped. I never turn it on. Not too bright. (Pun intended.)

Today, I’m interviewing a former Deputy Sheriff Becky Miller for the Archive. And I keep playing with the idea that I can STILL send Christmas cards. Who am I kidding? I need to get back to the motor home so I can rest. Sometimes life is just too busy.  Friends and family?  I never say no, one reason I return home every couple of months. The best things in life, as we all know.



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6 thoughts on “LOOKING BACK

  1. I am still toying with the idea of sending Christmas cards too! (once even thought about Christmas in July) I hate to see this tradition end- so see it as worthy of effort…I’m hoping to get cards out this month…:-)

  2. happy new year!!!!!!!

  3. Glenn Moon

    Bless you Mary. I always enjoy waking up to your blog every morning. Just want you to know your efforts of writing and posting are viewed and appreciated.

    • 2gadabout

      Without my readers I would feel I’m in vacuum. Thank you so much.

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