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From Norwalk, we skirted Lake Erie for an hour or more and this beauty of a bridge carried us over the Erie channel between Toledo, OH. and Michigan.

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About 35 miles later we were crossing the little bridge to Grosse Ile where live Jim’s longtime friends, Sue and Art Lambart.

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The little harbor is filled with small boats. The island has a population of around 13,000 people, a partly volunteer fire department and a five man police department. It is very woodsy with a strong population of wild deer, raccoon, squirrels, possum and rabbits to remind people this island still belongs to the earliest residents.

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The weather was beautiful and Jim spent three hours working on an electrical connection between the motor home and the Bronco, but could not fix the problem. I read my book on Lambart’s sunny driveway until Sue came home from work. We spent the afternoon visiting. We looked at pictures of the new grand kids since we last saw them in 2010, and Art’s parents who just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary 6 months ago.

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Jim and Art met in 1974. They both worked for the most remote power companies, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Station in Maryland, and Pennsylvania Power and Light in Pennsylvania. Then Art went on to another undesirable power station in Mississippi where the schools were horrible.  Jim went to the West Coast. Art got out of the industry eventually and went to work for Ford Motor Company. He retired several years ago and recently decided to go back to work.

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We went to dinner at a terrific Italian restaurant, Vitale’s where we shared a huge antipasto salad.


Art and I chose the eggplant parmesan with steamed vegetables. It was very good. Art is a great story-teller.

DSC08282 (Copy)

Jim and Sue both had pizza; vegetarian for Sue and  Jim’s was prosciutto and arugula, a very different but tasty combination.  We only had time for a short visit, but it is always nice to enjoy a glass of Pinch, and listen to Art’s stories.

Today we have to stop and get the electric connector fixed at a garage and an oil change at the same time.  Then, we head for Fraser, MI.

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