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In self-defense, I got outside just as the sun was peeping over the hill. It was a cool sixty and my yard apples and plums are in rough shape. The trees need pruning and the fruit needs thinning.

DSC07594 (Copy)

Where the branches are low, I can thin the apples even though they are way past due. The yard worker I used to depend on who knew how to take care of apples moved to South Carolina.

DSC07592 (Copy)

I have five apple trees in the yard. Those that are high in the tree can only be reached by ladder and I’m not ready to get back on a ladder since I can’t climb  steps without pain. This tree and one other have a trumpet vine decorating it.

DSC07598 (Copy)

Several years ago, I dug up the trumpet vine because I didn’t want it in my trees and it wouldn’t stay on the fence. Now, I’m grateful it didn’t die.

DSC07595 (Copy)

The apple crop is going to be plentiful, and the gala and fuji are already near ripe.

DSC07599 (Copy)

The green gage plum isn’t ripe. The fruit is over-sized and heavy. The deer have eaten the leaves on the straggly branches touching the ground. It hasn’t been pruned in two years and desperately needs it. One branch is growing over the top of my green house and needs a big saw to get the branch down. But, it is fairly easy to thin with a stick.  My intent is to get the job done in increments a bit each early morning before the thermometer hits 90 degrees. I makes me feel good to get out and work in the yard.

I had a chiropractic treatment today, and start with a second office tomorrow that claims to have one of the ten best medical devices for treating skeletal injuries. It was featured on CBS Doctors program. I didn’t see the program but I’ll let you know how it works out.

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