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It rained all day yesterday with brief interludes of clearing. We stayed close to the motor home and caught up with computer tasks, watched part of Downton Abby Season three from a disk, and walked out for short periods between squalls. Joyful geese enjoyed the puddles.

DSC05047 (Copy)

I know geese like snails,bugs,and worms, but we’ve seen them eat nothing but grasses,  weeds and pond plantsDSC05050 (Copy)

Momma and poppa goose are very protective of their four goslings and he crooks his neck and points it forward and continues to bob if he thinks we are getting too close. One can’t blame him. Four goslings is a small flock. Normally geese hatch nine, to thirteen eggs. They may have lost part of this hatch.

DSC05069 (Copy)

The goslings still have remnants of their yellow fluff around the neck and rear. It won’t be long and they’ll be full feathered and on their own.

DSC05057 (Copy)

About 4p.m. the sun broke through and we wandered farther afield to a different part of the lake.DSC05058 (Copy)

One of the rangers told me it had rained 16 hours straight the day before we arrived. For them it was a worrisome to see the lake dangerously low. But, as you can see, the recent storms have filled the lake above its normal level and into the tree line.

DSC05052 (Copy)

Ground mosses bright and healthy.

DSC05062 (Copy)


DSC05070 (Copy)

Cherokee Landing rents rustic log cabins, that are duplexes. They hold two families. Nice for family reunions when you can share space.

DSC05071 (Copy)

I call them rustic because they are unpainted;  left to weather naturally. The antenna and electric lights tell you it isn’t terribly rustic. I met a couple who love it here at this time of year because the park is so quiet and peaceful and pretty. Out of a couple hundred sites, probably seven of them are occupied.

The sun soon disappeared and more rain fell along with a rain forecast for today. We decided to pop popcorn and enjoy a movie again after supper.

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