Dear Friends,

The formal adoptions of our Declaration Of Independence, 236 years ago, was the first step in turning our thirteen colonies into the United States Of America. We celebrate our freedoms today. I’ve read about the handling of the flag, how it must not touch the ground, and should be folded a certain way.  Respect for the flag is important, but somehow this day, it seems less important to me than so many other aspects of our freedom.  In fact, my old flag is quite ratty and I debated about flying it at all.

I’m feeling very disenchanted because  the  freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to put together seem so tainted in 2012.

I guess I’m being selfish but I’m wishing for independence from dirty fuel and dirty air. I’m wishing for independence from chemicals in our soil, in our food and water. I’m wishing for independence from big pharma’s usury prices for drugs. Independence from politicians of all stripes spewing hate and divisiveness. Independence from religious fanatics trying to impress their values on me through legislation.    I’m wishing for independence from secret expenditures by billionaires and corporations trying to tilt elections.  But most of all, I’m wishing for independence from smears, and lies and half truths and character assassination that swamps our airwaves until it makes you sick.

I know I will be able to put it all aside, and enjoy a barbeque and the fireworks later today, and I fervently wish for all a Happy Independence Day. But, tomorrow, give some thought to our common dreams and how we can fight the political and environmental sorrows we are buried in. Don’t give up.

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4 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE

  1. Well said.


  2. nancy marinone

    Yes Mary the majority of us in these united states feel exactly the way you do. Some day we may have the power to right these wrongs, but we do not right now. I pray we will in the future. Happy 4th. thank you, Nancy

  3. Randy

    Great essay Mary—all I can say is AMEN—and thanks for saying it out loud.

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