Take Your Photos On A Picnik…

If you are a regular follower of my Blog, you know I love photography. I particularly like using what I call “natural photographs”…that is photos that are pretty much the way I took them.

You have most likely seen photos on the Internet are appear stunning…that make you gasp. Unfortunately…they are un-natural photos. That is…they have been heavily reworked in photo image manipulation programs. In other words…they are not real!

I recently subscribed to a 30 day trial of one of these photo image manipulation programs. After playing with it for a few days….I decided…not for me. I want the real stuff! So the photos you see in my Blog entries are almost all-natural. It’s almost impossible to take a great photo without a tiny bit of touch-up. In my case I use Picasa 3 and only for some minor cropping and minor color enhancing. It’s really quite a versatile program and it’s free! Enter Picasa 3 in your Internet search box to find the latest free download.

I got to playing around in Picasa 3 a few days back. Once your click on a photo you want to change…in the “basic fixes” mode you will find a click button called Picnik. Below you will find examples of what can be done in Picnik. Because I was looking for an old-fashioned look…I used three photographs that I took at the Old Tucson Film Studios in Arizona back in January 2009. Many old western movies were made here.

First you will see the original photo and then the Picnik version. You may click on the photos to see an enlarged view…

Now you know how to take your photographs on a Picnik. Enjoy!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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