From Mary’s Desk:
The campground at Big Meadows was a welcome sight after a horrific day for Jim, driving 115 miles through fog so thick his eyes were strained and his shoulders tense from navigating curve after curve in the mist. Off and on rain, kept the wipers busy as well, but the fog was the worst of it.

When we reached the campground’s safe harbor, the sky belted out a drenching rain that obliterated the view from every window and rolled down the parking areas in torrents.

The pictures I attempted through the mists have an unusual quality to them, like weeds growing out of nothing.

The mountains behind the trees and bushes are invisible.

Occasionally, a clear spot of sun would pop up around a corner and I’d get a clear picture through the windows if I could actually open my camera in time. Then, in 20 seconds, it would be gone.
We crossed onto the Skyline Drive, an extenuation of the Blue Ridge Parkway which is part of the Shenandoah National Park. It made for a long day. Since mornings tend to be overcast we had no way of knowing that it wouldn’t clear. This road is still the most beautiful in the United States, and now, its clean and lush for tomorrow. (Late Post, no signal this a.m.)

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