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DSC02378 (Copy)

The gumbo cook off was a tasty, wonderful, loud mob scene. We went late and spent about two hours. This is outside the Civic Center which had gumbo booths we didn’t ever get to.

DSC02379 (Copy)

From above, you can see what it is like. You pick up a bowl and taste and walk to the next booth.

DSC02433 (Copy)

Inside the building, it was the same, gumbo booths around the perimeter with about 30 booths and every one tasting different.

DSC02391 (Copy)

The Krewes compete for best gumbo and they don’t stint on ingredients. Sausage, chicken, ham, bacon, duck and at this booth a hock in every bowl. OMIGOSH! Everyone I tasted was better than Steamboat Bill’s gumbo. You can’t describe the flavors, and how they differ, but I was in foodie heaven. We would beg them to give us one SMALL bowl, then Jim and I with two spoons would  taste. Everyone throws what they didn’t eat in the garbage. I quailed at the waste.

Krewe du le Originales et les enfants

These ladies are from Le Krewe Du Le Originales Et Les Enfants. Toni, on the right,  has a son in the State of Washington at McCord Airforce base, Jim’s old stomping grounds. We may be going to their ball and chicken run.

DSC02396 (Copy)

This Sasquatch looking guy, a big guy, poses so you can’t see a bit of his flesh. He was very proud of his costume and wanted to show us how he can become very small. DSC02397 (Copy)

Can you tell we are having fun.DSC02401 (Copy)

While you taste, the band plays and people dance.

DSC02394 (Copy)

This character, we assume from the winning Krewe in the parade the night before, walks around holding this scepter?, or whatever it is,  with his entourage. He makes a swing periodically through the crowd to much applause and noisemakers, and hoots.

DSC02419 (Copy)

At one point, a member of a different crew stole the prize and everyone hooted and yelled.DSC02430 (Copy)

When the band identified a Krewe, they all hollered and made sure you knew who they were.

DSC02424 (Copy)

Members of the Entourage from the winning Krewe, danced along with everyone else. The Krewe is the Madelaines.

DSC02412 (Copy)

These two women were the best dancers on the floor. The woman on the right  moved so fast, it was hard to get a picture of her.  Cajun and Zydeco tunes are  jumpin’. It was wonderful to watch the dancers.

DSC02422 (Copy)

This woman was, I think, trying to help the band play and dance at the same time. I might mention that this fun fueled event is not fueled on alcohol. Beer is available, but people don’t seem to swill and get drunk. We enjoyed the spirit, the mobs of friendly people and hated to see the end of all that good food though we could eat no more.

DSC02438 (Copy)

Then we went to the children’s parade. Many cars carried “winning, elected” children honored for something.  A local event of some type  decides who rides an honor, from very young like this tiny girl on top of a car throwing candy to teen-aged kids.

DSC02445 (Copy)

Everyone loves a good band.

DSC02439 (Copy)

This little girl was standing next to me.She and her mom kept offering me candy the kids picked up. I gave her my beads before we left.  Kids are so photogenic and responsive.

DSC02450 (Copy)

We weren’t sure where the dog parade was; we were told two different sites. So, we followed these dogs.DSC02449 (Copy)

This little puppy is only seven weeks old.

DSC02452 (Copy)

The dogs have to be registered, and this great dane could hardly stand still. It took five people to get her dressed for the parade.

DSC02457 (Copy)

It looked worth the effort.

DSC02465 (Copy)

These two ladies were pointing at me, trying to get their sweetie to face the camera.DSC02466 (Copy)

Like a true princess,  she did!DSC02481 (Copy)


DSC02494 (Copy)

A handsome brace of…, well, whatever they are. DSC02476 (Copy)

This woman was hugging, and cooing and comforting her baby who was shaking and reluctant to be part of this mob of dogs.

DSC02477 (Copy)

She finally got brave enough to peer away from her mom’s knees. DSC02506 (Copy)

There were cute kids everywhere. This little girl was peering warily at Jim as he tried to get her to smile.

DSC02508 (Copy)

Little brother kind of waved at me and moved closer to his sister. Shy, but he wanted his picture taken too.

DSC02511 (Copy)

And this little girl too. The kids love the camera.

DSC02434 (Copy)

This little fellow wasn’t sure he wanted his green glittered spike photographed. I told him I had a redheaded grandson and then…DSC02435 (Copy)

…he gave me a big smile and showed off his missing tooth. I love it when kids respond like that. DSC02524 (Copy)

After the dog parade, we went to the second floor in the Civic Center where a Zydeco Band was playing.DSC02525 (Copy)

All these bands play “modern” washboards, two of them. Quite a difference from the first Cajuns who used a washtub, washboard or whatever made sound to get their joy and spirit across.

DSC02516 (Copy)

We watched the dancers for about an hour. This couple were outstanding dancers. For a big guy, I’m guessing, 6’6, he could really move in those heavy boots. And, her too, dancing in boots. Fantastic.Pam, Hawiian nurse age 65

Sitting next to me, Pam, a 65 year old nurse who still works. She was originally an entertainer in Columbia. I loved her hair and she was obviously very proud of her beautiful tresses. Oh, that I could have hair like that. I’d show it off  too. So much talent and beauty in one day. Wowzer, baby, wowzer!

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Lake Charles, Louisiana – Day 4

The motorhome is parked at the 1,086 acre Sam Houston Jones State Park about 12 miles north of the city. We are here to enjoy Mardi Gras and will depart on February 13th.

You can read about Lake Charles by clicking this Wikipedia link…,_Louisiana

You can read all about the history of Mardi Gras in Southwest Louisiana by clicking this link…

Yesterday was our fourth day in Lake Charles, but the first one with Mardi Gras activity. Before we departed the motorhome Mary got into her Mardi Gras costume. First the R-rated version…

As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…


A close-up while she gets into…


her PG-rated costume…


Off we went to the Lake Charles Civic Center alongside the lake. First event of the day was attending the World Famous Cajun Extravaganza/Gumbo Cook-Off. In a very large room with 1,000+ people and about 30 booths offering their own kind of Gumbo, we wandered in. For only $5 per person you could taste and enjoy as much Gumbo as your stomach would allow and all the time a Cajun Zydeco Band provided some great music. Here are some of the photos from that event…









Then we moved outside for a parade…




A view of the Interstate Highway 10 Bridge as it crosses Lake Charles…


Near the pet parade…





Where there are pets there are going to be kids…



Then back into the building on the second floor for a Zydeco Dance. This couple was the best on the dance floor…


A shot of Mary across the floor taking photos of the band…


I made a couple of videos, but because they gobble up so many megabytes, I have to keep them short…

The first is entitled…Mary Loves A Good Time!!!… (just click the link…)

The second is entitled Washboard Zydeco…

Moire Mardi Gras stuff on tap for today!

Enjoying Louisiana Mardi Gras is another joy in the life of a full-time RVer!

The red dot on the below map shows our approximate location in the State of Louisiana. You may double left-click the map to make it larger…


Enjoying 65-75 degree temperatures most of the year is a primary joy in the RVing lifestyle!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”…Albert Einstein


If you have not checked out my Ramblin Man’s Photos Blog, you can do so by clicking this link…

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2013
For more information about my three books, click this link:

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Decisions, decisions. A wealth of music, now which affair to attend? Every morning we were in Eunice, the Savoy Music Company had a free jam of local Cajun, Blues or Zydeco musicians. Its nice to hear the musician before you decide what  to buy. They sell a wide variety of local C.D.s The sign on the door reads: NO SOUL NO SERVICE.
That evening, our choice was free Cajun music at DI’s with dinner, a dance at a local RV Park, or a two band program at the old, recently refurbished, historical Liberty Theatre. Its part of the National Park Complex along with the Acadian Center. The Cajun accordionist played his electric instrument behind his back, up over his head and regular style. Beating the hell out of an accordion takes muscle. A very talented young man whose name I couldn’t pronounce nor spell. The program was mostly in French. Young people aren’t as interested in Zydeco and Cajun as the older generation. I sat next to this young man’s wife. He is an exception at 31, with a two year old daughter, just getting into the game. None of these musicians make a living with their music, she told me. “They just love the tradition and the sound of home.”

We watched the people dance. The women don’t have to urge their husbands onto the dance floor. The men are first on their feet. They come to have fun and it was obvious they did. I fear this particular style of dance is passing the way of the older generation. Calvin Daigle taught me to dance Cajun style at Fred’s. He instructed me thus:
“The lady must keep her legs stiff and slide backward. The man takes a step backwards once in awhile just to give her some relief. Its a glide. Then the two-step is the same but you still glide.”
I got the hang of it. Luckily, Fred’s wooden floor had some type of fine dust to assist the dancers, especially people like me who wore tennis shoes. The liberty theatre floor is wonderful old plank hardwood, excellent for dancing. They did vaudeville shows in this place at one time. Beautiful place. The entrance is unique with etched glass front doors.

We said goodbye to Eunice on Sunday and drove to Westwego for a two week stay at Bayou Segnette State Park. The weather is beautiful. Got the bikes down since the paths here are bike friendly with little auto traffic. Looking forward to New Orleans, great food, Mardi Gras and a host of other activities in the days to come.

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