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Looking back at my travels, I’ve done close to 3,000 blogs and this effort was disjointed and irregular. I’ve missed events, lost or misplaced pictures  and today I’m laughing about it. I thought I’d blog pictures that I didn’t fit into any narrative, like the Bengal tigers, snatched from the film we saw. Aren’t they magnificent animals?


We learned a lot about the Hindu Gods. The great Mahatma Gandhi was  much admired,  But I never mentioned his seven dangers to Human Virtue:

Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience;  Knowledge without character; Business without ethics, Science without humanity; Religion without sacrifice and Politics without principle.

They resonate with me.

We learned a lot about weddings;  the groom rides a white horse, an elephant or a black horse. What about people who don’t have a horse? This groom can afford to hire a horse and carriage and decorate it. But, I never found out how even poorer people get married?  Maybe next time.

And wouldn’t you just once like to ride free and unfettered on top of a car or truck? As a farm girl growing up, I had that experience. And many times rode in the back of a pick-up. In California even your dog can’t ride untied in the back of a pick-up.

OAT is such a great company to travel with because of the great off-itinerary items included in the experience.  Though my cricket  lesson was canceled, one of the employees posed with his cricket racket for me. A cricket serve and return is like a baseball pitch. You can’t see it unless it is coming at you at 112 miles per hour. I missed the lesson, but enjoyed the match.

And I have to wonder, will I ever enter a bus with a crowd of people waiting to get on, and look for a vendor holding belly dancing beads or some other fascinating item you can buy nowhere else?

I’m an art nut and an artist. I took pictures of art everywhere.







Art isn’t only about paintings, prints, sculpture and fabric wall hangings. What about this doorway in the Palace Hotel?

And this carved door into Agra Marble Company.

Bronze carvings on the hip of a hippo at Chandela.

And a foot rest on the end of our bed at our last hotel. Some flights were early. Others were late in the night.  We got to enjoy a professional sari fitting. A yoga class designed to remove tensions and let go of all cares. I marked down every posture he taught us.  I learned to breathe out loud. Ahmmm. Ooohhh. Mmmmm.

The gift shop had an interesting assortment of things.

These shoes have tread miles of India. A country I’d recommend for its wonderful traditions; its diverse and colorful  people. People here are warm and giving; they speak 607,000 languages. It is hard for me to imagine. My nearby town of Stockton has 22 ethnicities, which means great food.

At the airport in Dehli I saw something I’d never seen before. A smoking lounge. Paid for by Camel cigarettes my guess.

Even a decorated camel is art.  Those of you who know me, know I have to get my art “fix”. And, I did.

Alaviha. I’ll let you guess which of the thousands of languages it is. It means, goodbye.


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Maryville, Missouri

Jim says:

Yesterday was another about 200 mile driving day with Mary driving about 100 miles.

Before I tell you more about our drive. I wanted to show you how Mary does Yoga in the motorhome. First she stands the mattress on the side of the mattress platform…


Then she puts down her yoga pad on the mattress platform. She sets her computer off to the side so she can follow her video instructor. She performs this activity pretty near every day. Good for her!


Okay finally on the road at 9:00 AM. Within five minutes we crossed the Mississippi River into the southeastern corner of Iowa.


Within five minutes thereafter we crossed the Des Moines River into Missouri and headed west on U.S. Highway 136 West. Still lots of corn!


As we progressed the terrain became rolling hills and always gently rising as we head towards the Rocky Mountains still several hundred miles away.


While at her turn behind the wheel we came across a closed road ahead sign on Highway 36. We ended up taking a detour which took us about 30 miles out-of-the-way we wanted to travel. Some of this detour road was quite narrow and rough with a number of potholes..but Mary handled it just fine. However I must confess I’m not yet comfortable about taking a nap while she is driving. She’ll get lots of practice on this part of the trip heading back to California. I have no doubts she’ll end up becoming a fine motorhome driver.


Because of the slow going on the detour road we fell short of our intended destination. So we spent the night in the American Legion Post #100 parking lot in Maryville, Missouri.

A couple of interesting facts about Maryville are…it’s the birthplace of Dale Carnegie and also the home of the Energizer Bunny…we went by the factory on the way into town.

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about Maryville, Missouri…,_Missouri

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