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No one ever had a  yard sale where everything sold.  And, when you retire, there is no such thing as a day off. We fill up every day like there is no tomorrow, considering ourselves lucky that we can.  I figured it out, a garage sale sounds profitable, but in terms of preparation, moving every thing at once, then dealing with the aftermath, it was not worth the work.  At least not for me,  living out on a rural road without the benefit of “walk in” traffic.

But the people who came were infinitely interesting. This customer had an unusual frog purse and I photographed her. She told me everyone makes a fuss over that purse and wants one, but she can’t remember the catalog  she ordered it from, and it isn’t stamped with a company name.

I had one customer who insisted I should sell him my truck. He kept offering me a hundred dollars and the keys to his van. Then he’d up the amount of money. So, I tried to sell him an exercise machine for $2.  (He looked like he needed one.)  He claimed he was bored. He goes to garage and yard sales for something to do. I told him, throw out your television set and you won’t be bored.

The last  I looked my truck was still there. It served as my desk, lunch table, and gathering spot for the neighbors who pulled up the lawn chairs and chatted. Late in the day, we broke out the chips and wine. Jim brought out his portable fire pit that kept us warm during the morning chill.

My daughter claims, you offer everything you didn’t sell  free. We did that and got rid of a few  items. One man gave me a donation for some free stuff. The donation came to more than I was originally charging for some old spice cans. Go figure?

Others sat and chatted with us, enjoying the yard regaled us with tales of their own yard sales. One woman drove away and said yes I want that file cabinet (it was a freebie) but not today. Will she come back?  Was she serious? Only time will tell.

By the end of the day, Karen, Jan, Jim and I felt just like this-deserving a rest. The clean-up is still ahead of us.

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A Slow Day In Never-Never Land…

In yesterday’s Blog entry I described helping Mary with her yard sale…something which I swore 16 years ago I would never-never do again after departing my house to begin my full-time RVing lifestyle. Due to her inexperience with such matters..she made it a two-day event. Shoulda made it a one day thing as there were few customers yesterday.

Since it was so slow activity day…I decided to work on a couple of my to-do list items. First job was to put on a new steering wheel cover on my Bronco. After 25 years the sun was finally taking its toll…

Online I found and ordered a product called Wheelskins and went to work…

The directions said installation time was about 60 minutes. That’s if you know what you’re doing. In my case…being the meticulous type…installation proved to be three hours. The instructions also indicated “Tight is Right”…so after each stitch  you must pull very heartily to end up with a tight fit. My hands are still kind of sore this morning…but I’m pleased with the results. Good for another 25 years…

The second job of my day was changing out the rear-view camera on the motorhome. The company sent me a free replacement after I advised them that out unit had moisture inside of the glass covering the lens. I blame this on poor sealant techniques at the factory…so I went ahead and applied my own sealant on top of the factory sealant.

Hopefully we’ll have no more moisture-inside-of-the-camera problems.

When we completed our day…Mary said never-never again about her yard sale. Hopefully we will never-ever do another one again!

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In Never-Never Land…

In yesterday’s Blog entry I discussed finding myself involved with something I thought I would never do again…that is be involved in a garage/yard sale. 16 years ago I had several as I was clearing out of my house readying to shift gears into a full-time RVing lifestyle. At that time…I said to myself…never-never again. I guess it just goes to prove we never know from day-to-day what’s going to happen in our lives.

So yesterday…here I was…helping Mary with her yard sale…back in never-never land. I assumed the roles of a sales associate…general laborer and parking director…

I was going to sell my portable propane campfire/cooker…But Mary having never seen one before…decided she wanted to keep it for her family gatherings…

So…by the end of the day having made $96 dollars for all that work…had Mary saying…NEVER-NEVER AGAIN! From now on she said she’ll just load everything she wants to get rid of into her truck and haul it to Goodwill.

But…ahah…her ads committed her/us to a two-day yard sale. So…once again today…we will enter never-never land again. Hopefully this will be the very last time for both of us.

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More Cleaning And Other Busyness…

Yesterday it was the Bronco’s turn to get washed. As you can see it was really dirty…

I spent the rest of the day helping Mary get ready for her weekend yard sale.

In addition to her part in getting ready for her yard sale…Mary made like Janey Appleseed making more of her delicious homemade apple sauce. She has several variety of apple trees on her property…

Right now there are lots of things to keep us both busy.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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