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National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Florida – Day 2

Jim says: Yesterday was another six-hour day at the museum and a most enjoyable day.

Here’s a few photos of some things I saw…

The entrance to the National Naval Aviation Museum
A World War I Fighter Pilot.
In World War I, carrier pigeons were used to send messages.
This was the first plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1919.
The mascot of the Pensacola Naval Air Station.
President George H.W. Bush took his first solo flight as an Naval Aviation Pilot Cadet in this very airplane in November, 1942.
A Japanese World War II Fighter Plane.
A Russian MIG 15.
A World War II “Flying Tigers” paint job.
A painting of a World War II Japanese Aircraft Carrier under attack.
A painting of the legendary World War II plane of “Pappy” Boyington of the famous Black Sheep Squadron.
A 28 cylinder aircraft engine.

To see the other 213 photos I took, click this link…

Here’s the National Naval Aviation Museum official website link…

Here’s a Wikipedia information link…

Here’s a Facebook link…

The first floor exhibits I saw today were…
* NC-4 Flying Boat,
* U.S. Coast Guard,
* P.O.W. Exhibit,
* World War I,
* Sunken Treasure, and
* U.S.S. Cabot Flight Deck

I got most of the first floor completed yesterday. So far, I’ve got 12 hours in the museum. I should be able to finish everything up today. I’m happy to report the crowds yesterday were 1/100th of what they were the day before yesterday. Also the children were much better behaved.

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