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I like to walk, at least three times a week. Especially when I’m working on my taxes and the beautiful weather right now calls me. About a half mile from my house is a vineyard all scraggly in winter, with the hills in the background.

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I always carry my camera, hoping to spot a bird, like Jim did yesterday from the Motor Home window. I was attracted to the undergrowth of tiny purple flowers.

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The vines are fenced. I couldn’t get close enough to really see the blossoms, but as I closed in with my lens I realized the vines are pretty fascinating without their leaves.

DSC03627 (Copy)

I wish my berry plants behaved as well. I lost my thornless raspberries to the Old Gulch Fire created drought. Our water comes from the flume and the flume burned and we had water rationing. Goodbye berries. They are staked but not quite like grapes.

DSC03628 (Copy)

Quite a canopy.

DSC03621 (Copy)

Returning, I realized I hadn’t taken pictures of my daffodils. Since hooking up with Jim, I’m often gone when they bloom and the recent rain brought them out in gushes. Pretty. They look a lot better than my taxes.


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