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The Change-Over To My New Computer Is Now Complete…

One week ago today I bought my New Sony Vaio computer. Now…seven days later…I can declare the change-over from my old Toshiba Satellite to my new Sony Vaio computer has been completed and I must confess that I am very pleased because…I must admit…that I was not looking forward to the change-over process.

The below two photos of my new Sony Vaio computer are from the Best Buy website…

My largest apprehension was making the change-over from Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. I really loved my XP system…but because I knew that my 6.5 year old computer would not last forever…I knew the day would eventually have to occur. The biggest fear I had was…I had heard that Windows 7 is nothing more than a fancy version of Windows Vista. I had grown to really dislike Windows Vista after I had become somewhat acquainted with it while helping my life-partner Mary figure out how to work with it on her computer.

After only seven days I’m happy to say that I have really grown to like Windows 7. No…it is not a fancy Windows Vista…it’s a vastly improved version of Windows Vista. Yes…it even looks a lot like Windows Vista…but it is MUCH MORE intuitive and user-friendly. With Windows Vista every time you ran into a problem…it was a real pain in the you-know-where to figure out how to once again go in a forward direction. Not so with Windows 7. When you run into what would have been a problem…it now says…hang on a moment while I fix the problem…and very quickly the problem has been addressed and you are once again on your way. For instance…when I plugged in my printer…which I wasn’t sure was even going to work…it went from…device recognition…downloading device drivers…searching for driver updates…downloading driver updates…installing drivers…ready to use…all automatically…in about one minute. I can live with that! A most delightful change in attitude!

The second thing I did not particularly like about Mary’s Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista was the smaller keyboard with the large number pad on the right of the letter keys. I used to think that the number pad on the right would be just fine if I was an accountant…which I am not. The Sony Vaio solves that problem with a very efficient full-sized keyboard. I have even began to overcome my dislike for the number pad and find myself using it rather than having to reach over the letter keys. I am very pleased with both the design and functionally of the Sony Vaio computer!

So…with the two major hurdles overcome…next came the files transfer operation. I started out trying to use my 16GB flash drive…but that proved to be an exercise in futility. I finally ended that problem by buying a Belkin Windows 7 Easy Transfer Cable at Wal-Mart for $25 as opposed to Best Buy for $39. Once I had that cable the transfer of about 50GB worth of files was accomplished smoothly in about 1.5 hours. That took care of that problem.

The rest of the time has been spent becoming familiar with new ways of doing every-day computer functions. Once again…this is an area where Windows 7 really shines. The learning process has been relatively painless and I find myself feeling kind of weird complementing the Windows 7 engineers. As I said earlier…I really hate Windows Vista!

My next chore was to clean-up the old computer… both externally and internally. Since my new computer is only slightly smaller than my old one…I managed to get the old one into the new computer shipping box. Last Saturday I took it to Fedex and shipped it off to my grand-kids hoping they will have some fun and enjoyment from it. It gets to live a second life…at least for a while.

Being an ex-quality control engineer…I am not usually an easy person to please when it comes to electronics. Some might be inclined to call me a bit of a nit-picker! But…after only seven days…all my fears and anxieties  have been nicely addressed and I am once again a happy camper! &lt):) cowboy

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