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The Job Got About 50% Completed…

Despite currently being on a 60-hour work week at his place of employment building boats, an off and on misting rain and also Father’s Day,  my good friend and cracker-jack mechanic Mike spent five hours working on my Ford Bronco II yesterday. His wife Vicky was at her father’s about 125 miles south of their home in Monroe, Washington.

Other than my son who lives in Connecticut, Mike is the only mechanic I trust. The work he is doing for me falls into the categories of preventative maintenance and normally expected worn parts replacement. Mike charges very fair rates compared to the $80-120 an hour charged by auto repair garages. He expects to complete the approximately remaining five hours on the Bronco after his work day this coming week.

It’s been two years and 25,000 rolling miles since Mike last worked on the Bronco. In that time I drove it about 10,000 miles and towed it behind the motorhome about 15,000 miles.

Once upon a time I would have done most of this work myself, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to prefer to let a trusted friend with the proper training and skills do the work. I also prefer to see the money go into the pocket of a trusted friend rather than a stranger. While Mike did his work, I did some of the less physically demanding items.

Rather than breaking down on the road, I much rather prefer to take care of potential problems in this manner. Better accomplished in the driveway of a trusted friend than random garages out on the open road.

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