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I have four blogs, so my response to yesterday’s post brought up some questions, like why didn’t I post a picture of the Porquepine? The article on gas2.0 was written by and if she has an archive, you will find it there. It is a sleek metal sheathed vehicle that, when parked, many little wings covering the car spring out to catch the sun. Its kind of rounded and resembles a porquepine with all these metal projections. Remember, its a prototype, its not on the road.

I received two emails from a friend about energy alternatives happening in the U.S. One at this address: about Seattle getting 2500 electric vehicle plug-in stations, and
another at this address: This one documents a huge solar array going in on a hill-top in Washington State, combining technology and jobs.
Since I’m at it, I may as well talk about Debord, Kentucky’s brag. Debord sends NOTHING to landfills. Garbage is incinerated for power. Glass is ground up and used in Concrete-block manufacturing. Metal recycling is standard, now. Plastics and syrofoam are converted back to gas in about an hour. They love their natural beauty and intend to keep it that way. 7,000 homes are powered by steam and off the grid. Pretty nifty.
Planning into the future is smart. It costs more up front, but will cost a lot more later if the planning is put off. Smart companies know their bottom line will be met with future planning. Now, I have to ask: What in hell is wrong with Calaveras County?
Several years ago, when a new hospital was on the drawing board, former Supervisor, Jack Burns went to Tahoe and studied their solid waste burner that powered a hospital and several municipal buildings. His hard work was totally ignored. The new hospital was built to standards without any regard to “future energy planning.”
Now, money has been secured for a badly needed new jail. Are they building in any “future energy” innovations? Not to my knowledge. Here is their chance to save millions in future electrical bills for we taxpayers. But, nada! They turn a deaf ear to solar as though we didn’t live in a climate just rolling with sunshine in the summer, fall and spring. Even in winter, my solar panels provide good return. You just want to smack ’em a lick and say WAKE UP! The future is here. Half the money comes from the state when the current governor is a champion of solar. And, we keep electing these dummies.

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