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Most “toads”, like Jim’s Bronco, are outfitted for storing things like our lawn chairs, books, tools, the brake buddy, emergency kit and any number of useful items that one might need on the road as a full timer. Jim has the bronco divided into two layers to store twice as much stuff.  We went to the grocery store and recycling center yesterday. While Jim put the groceries in the back of the bronco I took this picture:

In Palm Springs, people scoot to the store in their Rolls Royce. The parking lot sometimes resembles a sports car dealership. And, instead of playing the music from the local radio show, or standard elevator music, here you listen to Vivaldi or Chopin while you shop.
But, I regress. Back to the “toad”. Everyone kind of accepts that when you go somewhere with other couples, everyone goes in their own separate vehicles. Living in snowbirdville, as RVers, comes the problem. I decided to sign up for one of the activities at the lodge, a “Girls Day Outing”. Its lunch at the Elephant Bar and shopping at three different second hand stores. I love cruising the second hand stores and I’m particularly looking for another plastic drawer divider for my spoons, knives, forks, etc. You can find them for five bucks or less at any store selling household goods, except, RV drawers are so small, none of the standard size fits. You can go to an RV store like Camping World and buy one for $16.95. That is so clearly a gouge that I simply refuse to buy one. Instead, I stick with what I’ve got, even though it is stained and looks dirty when its clean.

When I signed the list to go, 14 people were signed in, every one of those save two,  needed a ride. Only two drivers had room in their vehicles for others. Jim had previously arranged  to visit his friend,  Bill Dobb, and can’t drive me. It will be interesting to see what happens when we all show up on Thursday.

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