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After a long day, a doctor’s appointment, tests ordered that will change my return date to the motorhome, and other busy details, I stopped in to see Bill and June Foster, retired friends from the Sheriff’s Department who live in nearby Angels Camp. It is hard to believe June is 88 and Bill will soon be 90. We don’t get to venerable ages without some health problems on the way, but I want to be just like them, my amazing friends.

Bill recently had surgery that removed a gland in his ear. It damaged a muscle and his ability to close one eye. The surgeon told him that would happen in advance. A specialist put some gold beads in the loose layers of skin over that eye and now he can close it. Bill joshes, “Shoot, I’ve got gold in my teeth and gold in my eye, I’m worth more dead than alive.”

June fixed a lovely dinner and Bill couldn’t wait to show me his new toy, a vintage Mustang convertible.

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“Makes me feel like a kid again,” he said. We might age but we don’t have to grow old. He does oil painting, golfs twice a week and they travel.

I’m not envious of his car, but I’m envious of that clean garage. (On my bucket list is to have a well organized, clean garage.)  It seems to me if they can make a driver-less car, they could make a self cleaning garage, couldn’t they?  The all powerful “they”.

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