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DSC07684 (Copy)Spending time at Sonora Community Hospital happens more often it seems to me. I went for a mammogram, and to pick up my MRI results for the Spine Institute. While there, I zipped in to visit Paul Moeller. He is determined to get out of rehab, he misses his cat and figures he can be driven to his rehab appointments. I kind of chuckle at the old clunky phone in his room. It may¬† be easier to use than “smarter” phones.

DSC07678 (Copy)I zapped into the hospital cafeteria, one of the best places to have lunch in town. The food is that good. At one time only vegetarian dishes were served. The veggie meat balls and meat dishes were practically indistinguishable from the real thing. Now they serve both.

DSC07680 (Copy)Where else might you have music with your cafeteria lunch? June Wilson, a senior volunteer, enjoys playing the piano/organ for diners during lunch time several days a week.

DSC07681 (Copy)Volunteers find their niche in mysterious ways.

When I returned home, the Spine Institute canceled my appointment for today, and moved it forward to Feb. 17th. I get impatient and want things to be done and over. I won’t miss the long drive, 122 miles one way for me.

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