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Downtown Murphys was host to a Volkswagen show. I had not read the local newspaper and it caught me by surprise. Our only city lot was filled row upon row with Volkswagens.

DSC03652 (Copy)

Some of them are pretty strange critters I’d never seen before.

DSC03653 (Copy)


DSC03670 (Copy)

See what I mean?

DSC03649 (Copy)

I’m pretty clueless when it comes to car talk, but wisps of conversations came my way, the guys, talkin’ engines and restoration tips.

DSC03666 (Copy)

The parts guys were all lined up in one corner, showing what extra “stuff” they are willing to part with.

DSC03669 (Copy)

I was more attracted to folks with camper vans since I travel a good deal myself and they looked like they were having fun.

DSC03659 (Copy)

A lift up gives a person some stand-up room.

DSC03664 (Copy)

And, inside, a bed, and sink and stove. A small version of a motor home.

DSC03657 (Copy)

In this similar camper van, a guy and his son had their bed in the couch position and were enjoying music and had a pot of water heating on the stove.

DSC03658 (Copy)

He took out the old vinyl and replaced it with bamboo. Cool!

DSC03662 (Copy)

Just about everybody of my generation either owned a Volks or knew someone who did. And, most had a ride in someone’s “Bug” if you didn’t own one. My husband and I owned two Volkswagen’s for a very short time each. I found this Karmin Ghia, and older model than ours was.  We owned it for about three weeks, a brand new Ghia, beautiful bright yellow, and it was t-boned on the way to work in Pleasanton. We never replaced the Ghia. I don’t remember what we bought after that.

DSC03672 (Copy)

The second one we owned, looked just like this without the brows over the eyes. It was as cute as the bug, like a miniature van. We bought it second-hand and the thing blew-up on the road late at night returning from a big dinner at Castlewood Country Club, out Niles Canyon, also near Pleasanton. We had to hitch a ride home. I think it was called a “Fastback.”  It was pretty small for a big guy like my husband anyway, and we got rid of it soon after.

I enjoyed boppin’ around looking at Volkswagens. If you click on the picture below, it will take you to the 34 pictures I took. Maybe you can find your favorite Volks in the mix.

2014-3-9-Volkswagen Show


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I’ve never owned a car I liked as much as my Prius. The novelty of owning an electric hybrid was exciting at first. Now, I want to give it a tender pat every time I check my mileage and realize how much I save on fuel when I fill it up with that expensive juice. I’ve had snide remarks from others about the batteries, their polluting affect and short life. Well, there is good news about batteries.
Read Susan Kraemer’s article at partly quoted below:

ARPA-E funding is for breakthrough inventions that have the potential to radically change the way we get energy. Fluidic Energy holds this promise because a metal-air battery that uses an ionic liquid as its electrolyte (instead of water) would dramatically outperform the best lithium-ion batteries currently on the market.

An electric car with a relatively small battery could potentially travel well over 500 miles on a charge if his ionic liquid research pans out. This advance would leapfrog the electric car industry to well beyond the shorter-than-a-gas-tank range that has restricted the market appeal of electric cars.

Also on Gas2.0 is Andrew Williams piece on a car that parks itself shown on a YouTube video with links to other robotic car videos. These are full size vehicles. Wow! Innovations abound, a carbon free motorcycle race in California, new hybrid vans, and more. I can’t wait for the electric Motor Home to ramble in.

But then comes the bad news. After Chrysler-Fiat took billions in bailout loans from the Federal Government, promising a half-million electric cars on the road by 2013, Chrysler has renegged on pretty much all of its electric car promises after axing the ENVI program.
This just makes me sick.

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