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The powers that be located two prisons and a correctional center along this stretch of Utah and Nevada desert  next to the interstate.  Out in the middle of nowhere, away from towns, inclement weather in summer and winter. Designed to thwart escapes. Thus the signs.

We saw interesting rock formations here and there.

It was that kind of day. Steep climbs and downhills. Driving the first shift, we crossed over the biggest summit of the day at 6,784 feet. Two smaller ones followed, just over 5,000 feet. Again, managed about 300 miles distance today. I learned to pull up to a gas pump for the first time in the Motor Home.

A tunnel directly through the mountains. Though the drive is straight arrow boring, the names close to home, Salt Lake, Winnemucca, Reno, give me an excited sense of expectation, of returning home after 7 months on the road.

We landed in Lovelock;  had a great local beer made in Elkhart, Angel Pale Ale. The name Lovelock certainly conjures up romance. Its an unromantic looking place, though, small, about 2,000 people. Yet the names on the side of the road riffle through my mind like a song. They make me wonder why, and who would name a place Pumpernickel Valley for instance?

I began reciting names like the words of a poem as I drove so I could remember to mark them down when we stopped.
Pilots Peak—Battle Mountain—Silverzone—Devils Gate—Oasis—Independence Valley—Angel Lake—Starr Valley—Ruby Valley—Midas—Button Point—Dun Glen—Rose Creek—Cave Byway.

It makes you want to see Angel Lake. What does it look like? Is it shaped like and Angel? And Ruby Valley, the name of a person? Or is it named for colorful plants? Or rocks?  Midas. Signs suggested there was gold in this area at one time. Midas, that hopeful expectation of wealth beyond dreams. Ah, the stories they conjure.

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Lovelock, Nevada

Jim says:

Yesterday was another 300 mile driving day for us with Mary and I each driving about 150 miles. We spent the night in a large vacant commercial lot in the center of this town with about a 2,000 population at elevation 3,967 feet.
Here are three photos I took along the way…(I gotta clean the bugs off of our windshield soon…again!)
In the first photo, you get to see something I’ve never seen in all my years of travel…a state line painted on a city street. The casinos are built right on this state line on the Nevada side and most of their parking lots are in Utah! The Pacific Time Zone also starts on the Nevada side of the line.

Today we expect to arrive in Reno, Nevada which is only about 100 miles from Lovelock.

Our progress to Lovelock, Nevada.

If you are curious how Lovelock, Nevada got its name, click this Wikipedia informational link…(and find out O.J. Simpson lives nearby!),_Nevada

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Vernal, Utah

Jim says:

We had planned to leave Graig, Colorado at 9:00 AM. As usual I did my “walk-around” inspection on the out side of the motorhome and Bronco prior to heading down the road. One of my tire pressure indicators said I had low tire pressure on the outside rear tire on the driver’s side of the motorhome. I got out my trusty tire pressure gauge and instead on 90 #’s…it was reading 30 #’s. Not Good!

So I got out my electric tire air pump and re-inflated the tire to 90 #’s. Since the next town down the road was 120 miles distant…it was imperative we had the problem fixed before leaving town. We went to the local truck tire repair place and they found the extender to be leaking, We had a new one installed and by time we finally got on the road it was 11:30 AM. Along the way we crossed into the State of Utah…

Entering Utah

120 miles from Craig, the first town in Utah is Vernal. Mary drove about 100 miles and I drove about 20. The next town up the road is 120 miles away…so we decided to spend the night in Vernal. Utah appears to be a strange state…for outside of Salt lake city I cannot seem to find a Moose or Eagles Club…or a VFW or American Legion. Vernal does however have an Elks club and despite not being Elk members…they allowed us to park on their rear dirt parking lot for the night. The barmaid Sheila told us that beer is only 3.2% as opposed to all other states at 6.0. Then, the state law requires they have this electronic gizmo on the hard liquor bottles that regulates exactly one shot. Paper records are required to be kept to verify the clicker count controlled by the electronic gizmo. Sheila told us the Mormon religion is behind these strict alcohol regulations. In all of my travels, I have never seen one of these electronic gizmos before. Sure glad I do not live in Utah!


The below map shows our progress to Vernal, Utah.

Our progress to Vernal, Utah.

Today we’ll continue our westward-bound journey,

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
My three books may be purchased at
Just enter Jim Jaillet in the search box.

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