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We all complain of troubles at some point. Now that I’m getting older, some highly paid Board of Trustees has decided to cut my pension in half. I can  moil and muddle. But, it is said: “If all people brought their miseries to the same table, most would be glad to bring their own home again.”

And it is true. Many people would be glad to trade places with me. It’s called, Count Your Blessings. I have food, shelter, security and the love of family and friends.

Henry Ford said: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”

John Peter Flynn said:” The first step in solving a problem is to tell someone about it.”

I don’t know who Flynn is, but I’m sure he never heard of the internet. So, I guess I’ve told a lot of someones. And for that, I have to chuckle because its a good day when you don’t see your name in the obituaries.





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Recently, Exon-Mobile had one of their lines break, but when it came time to clean up the  mess?  What was in the line was not “legally oil”, so who gets to pay for the clean-up?  We kind taxpayers. And, what kind of crap is it when the huge tar sands spill that evacuated an Arkansas town had a no fly zone so the press couldn’t take revealing pictures for everyone to see?

Reagan shut down the mental hospitals and treatment centers. With that grand legacy, people in trouble have no place to go, and few services. We have in excess of 43,000 homeless people in San Francisco alone. People dealing with the homeless know that budget cuts in California are putting them even more at risk. And, with an aging population, it is predicted that that figure is set to double by 2020. Pretty soon communities won’t be able to hide them from view. Since the United States supplies reservations for Native Americans, why can’t they supply Homeless Reservations for people who don’t make enough money to provide themselves with shelter, toilet and a bath? Instead of arresting them and using up valuable resources in police and court time, they can supply about five trained sentries to keep order and safety on the reservation.

We read a lot about Wildlife extinctions; the small critters like certain birds and frogs and the big beasts like Rhino’s, leopards, elephants, tigers, manatees, and more. But what about less visible critters like bats and bees. The white nose bat disease is spreading wildly across the United States and systematically killing these automatic mosquito eradicaters by the millions. We’ve lost over 50% of our bee population that pollinizes our crops. The first mass bee-hive theft in California where someone  took a fork lift and drove off with a whole colony of bee hives belonging to an orchardist. The Xerces Society is dedicated to protecting invertebrates and their habitat. Who would have ever thought insects like ants and wasps would need protection?

A president who wants to cut social security for people who’s lives depend on it? The Average social security pay, $15,000 per year. Millions get less than that. Yet, the tax benefits for the super rich are untouched and their income is growing. And Bush’s law that medicare can’t negotiate with the drug companies like the Veterans Administration is allowed to do?  Why not change that? Drug company profits are nothing short of extortion.  And taking away the right to report abuses in the work place? I think Obama has a stupid gene.We are in trouble.

Call your congressman and complain loudly. And tell all your friends to do the same, because we are in trouble and it isn’t pool in River City.

At least people are beginning to realize the reality of Climate Change. Get online and visit, Ted talks, Ted’s lists, the scientist who educates people about all kinds of things.








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