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Little tales from my walking  journals begun in the 1950’s  need this preface.  A person wishing to divorce  in the 50’s  had to give a reason for it. The petitioner had to show hardship of some type for the divorce to be granted by a divorce court. The usual reason given was “mental cruelty”  if you were  incompatible with your spouse.

In Chicago, Mrs. Rum charged her husband with drunkeness-won her divorce and resumed her maiden name of Miss Cork.  (March 10th, 1968)

These snippets are name related, as you shall see.

A women in Los Angeles charged her husband nagged her when she refused to drink with him. She was granted the divorce and resumed her maiden name of Selma Sober.

At one time,  Mrs. Ashe was in charge of the barbeque pits at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Donald C. Crooks was a probate judge in Redwood Falls, Minnesota in 1952.

William C. Wolf  was voted President of the Lions Club in Duluth, Minnesota, also in 1952.

Dr. Michael Fox is an animal psychologist.  (1976.)

I think Dr. Fox is still practicing, but it made more sense to treat the pet owners than the pets, in my opinion. Hmm!  In a sense he did.

Morris Fisher is president of the Wisconsin Fish Company, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Harlan Apple used to be a foreman for the Skoman Apple Corporation of Wenatchee, Washington.

Cardinal Sin has been the archbishop of Manila for 12 years.

Patience Scales has been a piano teacher in San Francisco for 30 years.

Jack Swallows has been hearing puns about his name ever since he moved to San Juan Capistrano. Swallows says:  “I do fly away from time to time, but I always come back.” The radio stations call him every March and October, when the swallows normally  arrive and leave the Mission San Juan Capistrano. They usually ask if he has packed his bags.

Whoo boy. That must get tiresome.

And, from this sign in Pittsfield, Massachusetts:

Ice Cream Cones, Sundaes, and Malts- J. Freeze Proprietor.

My walking journals have taken several phases. I readied six of them and thought I should launch them into the world that they might gather little stories wherever they landed. I placed my name and address in them to be returned. None has come back. I left one at a bus station, another in a doorway of someone who was moving to Texas. I passed one to a friend who sent  it around with members of  his writer’s workshop. I kept one journal, intent on collecting those trivial little stories from the lives of  friends, family and people I meet. For instance, my friend Pam, after a painful second divorce, had the words Never Again  tattooed on her ring finger.

On-line, they never disappear.

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I listen to the John Tesh radio show in my car. He is known for his short, concise advice, sort of an Ann Landers of the airwaves. He calls it Intelligence For Your Life. (IFYL). I wait for his practical nuggets to come on between the music on my favorite local station. Everyone should have a John Tesh in their life. I learn something from him every time I hear his voice and I love it. 

Much of his advice is for the young and inexperienced. He gleans it from sources like, Psychology Magazine, and Real Simple Magazine, Science Magazine…those are three I remember off hand. But, his reach and subject matter is enormous. Everything from parenting, to what questions you ask at the hospital. He talks about relationships and dating, marriage and job hunting, finances and spending habits. You could say John Tesh is a teacher of common sense, among other things. If you don’t hear John Tesh, ask your station to put him on.

He also has a voluminous archive on-line where you can get his practical advice a second time, or look for things you missed. One time I remember hearing him say, I’m paraphrasing here and don’t know if I have it exactly right, but he said women and men both lie on-line. Women lie about their weight and age, men lie about everything. The number one lie from men is whether they are married or not. I went to his archive to check it out and its so voluminous, I couldn’t find it. So, keep me honest if you are interested.

And if you are interested in intelligence for your life, check it out at:

This is trivia about relationships from Sam Wein-not John Tesh. People who have never been married are seven-and-a-half times more likely than married people to be admitted to a psychiatric facility. And, during a kiss as many as 278 bacterial colonies are exchanged. Trivia is fun, but, I want the science first, before I give up kissing.

We are looking at snow at lower elevations, here, and the “Weather Wimp” (That’s my partner, Jim) is already chomping at the bit to get on the road to warmer climes.  In January of 2009, he and had to put up with six inches of snow on the Motor Home. Perish the thought!!
I’m actually hoping for a bit of the white stuff because its pretty and it doesn’t last long enough to get the shovel out. It brings the skiiers and helps out our local economy.

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Tomorrow, I fly to Murphys, CA. for a family reunion and a “catch-up” with family and friends for two weeks. Yesterday, we left Cape Cod and drove back to Ivoryton, CT., where Jim’s son lives. He will visit with his family while I’m gone. Ivoryton is within easy driving range of  Hartford’s Airport.

Changing gears is a mental exercise as well for me. Some people live the clean life. They toss things they don’t use, and forget things they don’t want to remember.
Others, like me, have bits and pieces of notes on my desk and in my brain. Items I forgot to put into a blog, or songs I want to buy, books I want to read. Signs I saw and couldn’t stop to photograph; humorous flotsam and factoids nags me. Ahhhh! Such is the life of  persons cursed with a trivia retrieval system in their brains.
Official government yellow road signs:
They warm you to think there is such regard for a deaf child and turtles.

Then the lighthouse we missed visiting, just never got there. Its called the Lovers Light; real name Minots Lighthouse. It blinks 1,4,3 which equals I Love You.

Quaint road names that make you wonder about the people they are named for, or how did they come to name it?
Moonstone Way
Old Fathers Canyon
Marys Pond
Old Aunt Page Rd.
Lucy Little Rd.

Many, many more that I didn’t write down.

Then, once in awhile, you run across a business that has an unusual name:

Angry Tomato.  Now who would want to eat at the Angry Tomato?
And, on the side of a garbage truck:
Business Stinks But Its Picking Up.
There are funnier ones on the internet.

Most whales are injured by collisions with boats. 50% of whales have scars. In 1992, a National Marine Sanctuary was established at Stellwagen Bank. We didn’t get there, either.

A sign in a town where the Police Chief is named Forth:

If you go forth with a fifth on the Fourth, you’ll meet Forth.
Well, Independence Day is close and the warning is a good thing. No?

In closing, I promised a look at some of the art glass I saw at the Sandwich Glass Museum. Its only 16 photos.

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