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Leaving the 73 degree heat in Louisiana on March 30th to return to Murphys in snow was a shock. I worked on taxes and arranged ceiling repairs and paint for my rental until April 4th, when daughter Virginia arrived in her Prius, packed to the hinges for she and I and her two boys. Our goal? A visit with daughter/sister Kristanne and cousins from Trabuco and points south.

Auto travel with children, ages eight and ten can be challenging. Its one of the only times you are grateful for those electronic mesmerizers.  Brother Owen helped his younger brother Theo with strategy in his electronic battle. It was good for a couple of hours. Then, Virginia hauled out new, never before read, comics. A snack of fruit, books and scenery, and word games filled some time.  Then a rest stop.

We chose a spot close to coffee, cool drinks, gas, restrooms and grass. The kids were able to practice karate moves and use up some energy while we watched and stretched our legs. Highway 99 has no state rest stops. They’ve all been moved to Highway 5, but the services are good and handy, making it easy to stop frequently if needed.

Later in the day, we had a leisurely lunch and met this cute baby being showed to everyone by a proud grandma.

At a stop for groceries and goodies before arriving at Portola Hills in Trabuco, we met this little cutie helping her mother shop.

American marketing talent is truly amazing. Comfort at every mile along the way makes traveling with kids a cinch. The drive was nine hours including stops and no blood was drawn. Pretty smart mother, too.

A bouquet for the hostess and we were eating, drinking, and playing Quiddler before you could say, “antidisestablishmentarianism” which is one of Owen’s favorite words. He also has a another favorite. Things are no longer awesome, they are “epic”!  Oh, its wild to learn things from your grand kids. Tomorrow, science and vegetables.

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