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Windows you cannot see out of greeted our morning, but Jim wanted to go to Mt. Vernon and find blades for his razor and pick up some drug store type items while I stayed and did some computer projects with a sloooow signal.

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The rain lightened up and since I don’t melt, I decided to pick some blackberries we had scouted out the night before. I came back drenched but triumphant. And, I caught Jim  by cell and requested he bring home vanilla ice cream. Made a great lunch. My container filled six berry baskets.

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I had mail to pick up at Anacortes Post Office, so we stopped at the Eagles for a beer before the Farmers Market opened. New friend, Johnny, claimed he stopped the rain just for us. Anacortes Erie is one of the friendliest clubs. Johnny told me he is a full-blooded Quinault Indian and he had great stories to tell.

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The market opened at 4 o’clock and the first thing I saw was round eggplants…

DSC08026 (Copy)

…white eggplants…

DSC08027 (Copy)

…and varigated eggplants. I love buying them just because they look beautiful in my fruit bowl. And, I like eating eggplant, though Jim doesn’t touch the stuff. I bought the odd ones I’d never seen before.

DSC08028 (Copy)

Everything is so fresh and beautiful. I bought carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and peaches. I love farmer’s markets.DSC08031 (Copy)

Another thing I like about the markets is the food. There were ten different dinner plates you could buy, different types of Mexican, Greek and salads. Another booth featured grilled sausages and hamburgers. At this stand a woman sold nothing but corn on the cob. If you like, she dresses it with whipped cream and cheddar cheese,  or chili. We were planning on a veggie burger at the Eagles and neither of us were hungry at that point.

DSC08034 (Copy)

A young musician serenaded the shoppers next to a “cafe” area of tables and chairs for people to sit and enjoy the food and music. Only one person was eating. It was only about 4:30.

DSC08040 (Copy)

The pecan tart looked tempting.

egg yolk crust and crumble topping -blkberry tort

Home baked, the woman told me she makes her blackberry tart with a strong egg yolk crust and a crumble top. The desserts go before the entree  food offerings. I wonder why that is?

DSC08036 (Copy)

Flowers, at $5 a bloom can be like this one,  the size of your head.

DSC08033 (Copy)

The colors and size just knock you out.

DSC08038 (Copy)

My friend Pam gave me a foldable vase for the Motor Home, but space is limited and we only used it once. If the weather was nice, I could put a bloom on our outdoor table when we stay in one place for a week.

DSC08044 (Copy)

We went back to the Eagles and it turned out they were having a big barbeque this weekend, grilled silver salmon,chicken or ribs with home-made pies. They canceled their regular dinners to prepare the big feast. They suggested the Island Cafe close by. We passed this picture of Rudy Malland, Banjo King, father of Bev Malland, a good friend of Jim’s. He loves Anacortes and claims if he had to park and live permanently some place, this would be his choice.

DSC08054 (Copy)

When we returned to the motor home, the tide had just come in next to our camping spot.

DSC08057 (Copy)

A could see a light blanket of fog coming in too, and within ten minutes the whole area, including the camp grounds, was swallowed in mist.





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During our travels, we stopped to shop and loaded up on veggies, only to discover there is a pick-it-yourself garden not far from Thousand Trails. Jim didn’t want to pick, he isn’t big on chard or kale. They had three different chards, and two types of kale.

DSC08006 (Copy)

Jim loves fresh snap peas, but they had sold out in the morning. In Murphys, you can’t grow peas after may because it gets too hot. Here, in August, these pea vines are taller than me. I found a couple strays on the plants.

DSC08007 (Copy)

Fresh zuchinni.DSC08008 (Copy)

Jim accused me of coming after him with the knife you can barely see.

DSC08010 (Copy)

The farmer, Merwyn Bay, suggested I pick cucumbers from the ladder. He says, the more you pick, the less I have to do. DSC08011 (Copy)

He and his wife are both 80 years old and not in great health. He once owned a 100 acre dairy farm on this property. He sold the land and now keeps just 3 acres that he gardens every year. He gets help from one son and his brother-in-law.

DSC08009 (Copy)

I did the best I could to help pick the unreachables. I’d never seen a Japanese cucumber before. They are long and twisty with heavy knobs on the skin.

I bought a small amount of small tomatoes, bigger than cherry tomatoes, but still small-sized. I had just purchased cherry tomatoes. Dang!.  We ate a cuke and tomatoes with a bit of cilantro rice and chicken for supper last night. I wish I’d thrown my tomatoes out and bought more. All so fresh and delicious. I wish we’d discovered them sooner.

DSC08012 (Copy)

From his signs, it looks like he stays busy all year.

DSC08013 (Copy)

And his prices. In Murphys, I would have to pay over $12 for a bale of hay. And we went home with a bag full of veggies for under $6. Such a deal. His signs are on Birch Bay Lyndon Road if you’re in the area.



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