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Sunday, the party is over, we decide to have a girls day out. before the hard work of moving begins. Virginia will leave Monday morning and we don’t often find time for just we girls to have fun time together. We headed for the nail spa. Laurie, Kris and I chose to have a pedicure.

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Virginia opted for a manicure.

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Kris was in the habit of treating me to a pedicure when I visited her in Southern California, many years ago. I remember them as sitting on a fairly normal chair, soaking my feet in a pan of water. The technician sat on her knees with a towel covering her clothes and finished working on your nails. This was an entirely different experience. The plush chairs, give you a massage while your feet get softened.

DSC07269 (Copy)

The technician sands the rough skin off the bottom of Kris’s feet.

DSC07274 (Copy)

After the scrubbing and softening, we each got a defoliating toes to knee massage. What a great feeling.

DSC07266 (Copy)

The nails and cuticles are given special attention. The techs laugh and talk while they work.

DSC07271 (Copy)

Kris had them really laughing as she counted from one to ten in Vietnamese. They corrected her pronunciation a couple of times.

DSC07279 (Copy)

Then the color and hardner are added.

DSC07280 (Copy)

A relaxing and fun hour later, we showed off our feet and hands, and headed out for Sushi.

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There are several really good sushi restaurants in the area, but not many of them are open on Sunday. This one is Midori, on N. Green Valley Pkwy, in nearby Henderson.

DSC07283 (Copy)

We had appetizers of salmon and tuna, fried tofu, and seaweed salad. All delicious. I forgot to take pictures of everything but the first plate.

DSC07282 (Copy)

We were having too much fun for me to remember the exotic names of these dishes. Just that they were all delicious as we tasted back and forth. Virginia’s order with rice above.

DSC07285 (Copy)

My entre had three different types of tuna plus octopus, shrimp, caviar,  and salmon.  Extremely fresh and tasty,  served on a combined bed of fine rice noodles and sticky rice.

DSC07286 (Copy)

Kris and Laurie both tried a conventional sushi dish. All were good.

We headed for Laurie’s and Virginia made the perfect statement. “We need to do this more often.” I’ll go for that!

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