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We arrived at Naguar in the afternoon. This is our tent, which is roomy, comfortable and has a flush toilet. Hot water is available at certain hours of the day so you can plan your showers.   There are no locked doors  but many privacy shades. Quite an amazing place.


This couple sit at the entrance to the dining tent and play music while we eat. All tips are paid by OAT, but one day I handed over some rupees and she was very grateful to have them. She may have had a small drum one day.


He showed me his instrument, but they don’t speak English so I have no idea what it is called.


The first thing we did when we arrived was eat lunch and then for Theo and I, it was to bed.


He has a slight temperature and I gave him half of an Ibuprofen, this is the second time, and he hit the sack. I seem to have caught his cold and we both missed the show in the center of the tent hotel that night.


A couple of times I peeked out and tried to get a decent picture of the dancers. There were women dancing with piles of plates or pillows on their heads swishing their beautiful skirts and shawls. The music was exciting and the entertainers numerous. A normal camera doesn’t have a chance, but it was enjoyable even so. Theo slept through it all.


In the morning, we both felt well enough to go for a camel ride. Our camel choices were right outside the tent complex.


I was eyeing this pleasant fellow. He isn’t tied up to anything. I talked to him and especially admired the way he sat, with his feet tucked under him. He was  friendly and used to people.


This camel was acting up and giving his drover a hard time.


The drovers control them with a set of double reins from behind. It may be this camel is not fully trained.


Kathy, Sandy and Diane opted for a cart ride. They agreed to hold my purse for me.


Ellen, Otto and Pam are ready to go, kind of surrounded by  a  group of the curious kids that always want to see tourists. The size of Otto’s feet might be the attraction. (No offense, Otto.)


Chuck, Kris and Trish are in a third cart. I love the carpet in this cart and wonder if it is made from camel hair.


Theo is all smiles as he gets his ride. And, I got the camel I had my eye on, too.


Once you get comfortable with the gait, it is a comfortable ride. I took this picture because the kid leading this camel on the left, appeared to be about six years old.


It is quite a sight to see so many camels in one place. Most of them are for sale.


This struck me as a cruel way to tether an animal. His haircut design is interesting and he has no painted brand yet. I hope he gets a new owner.


This young boy was indicating that I should let go with both hands, and I did. These people have such pleasant personalities and a great sense of humor.  It would be difficult to fall off a camel. They are quite safe to ride.dsc09964-copy

Well, I may have to take that back. They aren’t running, or on their own. And, Hugo’s pack looks like it is slipping off the camel’s back.


It’s about a 20 minute ride to the main part of the fair, and we all unload.


Theo took my picture with my camel. I got to pet him and scratch him behind his ears. He was just a pleasant animal through the whole thing.


A group of curious girls wanted to look at us. The girl on the left noticed I have gold fillings and she showed me hers, two front teeth with gold.  They want to ask questions, but communicating is kind of hit and miss. Nice. And they love having their pictures taken.


Ronvir walked us around the fair and I attracted a boy friend.


It is like our own fairs. You can see the animals, go to a horse race, get a hair cut,  find camp food, watch performances.


This woman tends the fire while she nurses her child.


With so many camels around, there is plenty of dung to be hauled away.

I’m having difficulty with pictures, so I’ll finish this blog tomorrow.


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Good friends, Jose and Norma Tapia,  and my youngest daughter, Virginia, and her kids came up to the Mother Lode for a day to play. The weather was perfect, not hot, not cold, just coolish,  The kids played on the trampoline…

Owen, flying high.

Nearly three year old Abbie trying for that higher bounce.

Theo going for the extreme moves.

Anthony waits his shot at the ball in a game of driveway two-square. Whoever goes out steps aside for the next person in line. That way no one gets overly tired

Everyone wanted to take a walk and see where I heard the singing waters from a previous blog. The water is running, but without much thunder and  low enough to easily cross over the washes on rocks and branches. Its fun to almost get wet while throwing rocks into the culverts. The kids fed the neighbor horses and caught a frog,, which was promptly returned to its puddle.

Before dinner, the two youngest boys managed a wobbly, high structure with stacking blocks while we got the table ready. Before dessert, we caravaned  downtown Murphys to watch the Rail Jam, a new event sponsored by Bear Valley Ski Area,  and the Murphys Hotel.

Snow was brought in and piled from the second floor of the Murphys Hotel into an obstacle course for skiers and snowboarders. The amateur contestants were from eight years to fourteen years old. Down the two story ramp, over the first bridge,

a sharp right and down a slippery, round pipe,

and, a shoot to the finish over the “mail box”. Some of the older boys chose to finish on the edges of the blue barrier. Either way, a challenging, fun, competitive race with prizes.

Six year old Anthony confided, “I can do that,” as he watched the boarders. In the future, I’m sure he will. On this day, it was enough to play with hunks of dirty snow. But, dainty Abbie…
stuck close to dad and bravely ventured one leg over the rope barrier.

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One…I cheat at pool. (The woman above, Jan Stewart, taught me.)

Two…I can milk a goat.

Three…I adore kids.  (This is Stella the gorgeous.)

Four…I’m a scratch cook.

Five…I can’t wear pretty shoes.

I’ve turned into a blogamatic and just HAD to let you know.
I’ve lined up people to deal with my fractured ceiling, a rental paint job, and worked on my taxes. Preparations are in the works to leave town Easter Sunday for a short week get-together with my youngest three grandkids, Owen, Theo and Austin. (Of course, I have to drag their mothers along, too. )

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