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I ran into my friend Suki Tutthill at the bank  yesterday. She is hosting 31 people for Thanksgiving dinner. I groaned. Too much work. “No”, she said. “Its a free for all. I’m not even allowed in the kitchen. The women bring stuff and cook. The men do the clean up and I provide the place. Finding the dishes after everyone leaves can be interesting,” she chuckles. Hmmm. Sounds like fun. My simplify Thanksgiving this year is going to my daughter’s house and bringing the cranberries and a salad. We are a games playing family and enjoy the day long into the evening where turkey sandwiches, snacks, cards and loud competitive family stories are as much a part of the day as the dinner.

Our holiday get-to-gethers need simplifying in the future. Welcome holidays “lite”.  No more  wobbling, overloaded  from the table and packing on the  pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

My plan is to unsweeten the sweet potatoes, salads that don’t sog,  berry and apple pies without bottom crust. No side dishes and snacks with cream and sour cream. (Rich side dishes can be the centerpiece of another dinner.)

Lighten the work load, too.  Mash the potatoes with the peelings on. Make stuffing on the side ahead of time. Smoke the turkey. Smoked turkey takes one and one-half hours on a kettle barbeque with a drip dish at the bottom and the guys do it,  leaving the kitchen and oven free for other things.  Gravy  made days ahead by roasting a chicken and two turkey thighs. On the big day, just reheat.  Use  paper plates and paper napkins with dinner served buffet style.  Yup! Traditions can and do change.

I used to try and prepare everyone’s favorite dish for Thanksgiving. Pretzel jello for Laurie, sweet potatoes with rum, pineapple, orange juice and banana for Virginia, macaroni shells stuffed with Italian sausage for Kristanne. Ken, Doug, and Rich always concentrated on the potatoes and turkey.

Now, Doug picks blackberries every year for pies at Thanksgiving, Christmas and our July family reunion. Cedric makes walnut and pecan pies to die for. Virginia makes a pear tart that no one will give up. At one time, I  prepared no less than three vegetable side dishes such as corn pudding, creamed baby onions, burgundy carrots, spinach souffle, Harvard beets, marinated mushrooms, artichoke quiche. An embarrassment of riches.

As we give thanks  for our bounty,  suitably lighter,  we  know our table is still overladen compared to 98% of people in the world. It is appropriate that we are thankful, that we share, and that we have the means to help others at this special time of year and still enjoy our celebrated feast.


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Thanksgiving is a major production at my house. I cook for at least two days ahead of time and enjoy nibbling and preparing the fattening, special foods I rarely touch at any other time of year. Think sour cream, creamed cheese, gobs of butter, rich pies and deserts. Yum. I avoid those foods except on special occasions, and that special occasion is about to happen. 

I take out all sorts of favorite recipes, then move along and sometimes discard one and opt for another. I cannot prepare them all, though I’d like too. We will have smoked turkey, two kinds of potatoes and gravy,  Italian stuffing, and artichoke stuffing, stuffed mushrooms, spinach souffle, corn pudding, pickled pineapple, kale salad, hippy broccoli, three types of cranberries, paella, sweet potatoes in broth.
New this year is a Spanish tortilla, made with 3 eggs to 3 potatoes. And, we haven’t had roasted pepper salad at Thanksgiving. I debated between roasted red pepper dip and the salad. Decided on the homemade humus for dip instead. Well, the list is making me drool and its time to get at it.
I already made two crustless pumpkin pies, but normally the deserts are up to the guests to bring. Virginia’s pear tart and Doug’s berry pies. Oh, my. Haven’t even started on the snacks. Its going to wonderful.
And, its not only about the bounty of food. We do reflect on what we have to be thankful for. We have so many cultures in our country and Thanksgiving is a true American holiday that everyone enjoys and it doesn’t upset anyone. And, that’s something of great value.

We’ve been without the wood stove for three days with the temperature lowering to 22 degrees. The chimney sweep came yesterday and cleaned the stove. Nice to have the house really warm again.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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