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dsc08630-copyI met Paul Moeller when he came to my writer’s workshop in 1979. I talked him into taking one of my daughter’s baby cats home. Then later, in 1980, I joined his classes in video taping. He was determined to get public access programing into Calaveras County. He was so dedicated and so hardworking, you couldn’t say “no” to Paul. He’s had some tough years, with two broken femurs, strokes and other injuries. Here he is with his caretaker, Pam. He seems to be kind of wondering why everyone is making such a fuss over his birthday.

dsc08631-copyAfter his wife died, Marilyn Pyle has taken care of his bookkeeping and his mail and most of the things Martha took care of. Indispensable to him and he feels bereft when she is missing. She quickly organized his birthday party. Just some balloons, friends and cheesecake.

dsc08633-copyPaul certainly has aging issues; he speaks very slowly but he said of his good friend and neighbor, Bill with his wife Linda, “If you want trouble, you call Bill. Then you get more trouble.”  It tickled me he could make a joke.

dsc08635-copyPaul is like family and Marilyn’s husband Vern, and his son, Mitch came by. They do the heavy hauling, moving furniture, dump runs-you name it, they show up.

dsc08638-copyMarilyn thought it would be nice to take a group picture, which includes Karen Phillips, his long time driver after his first accident, and on the right Audry, Marilyn’s mother. I’m in the middle.

dsc08640-copyThen about that time, Sue showed up. But, we took a lot of pictures anyway.

dsc08637-copyKaren has a lot of memories of Paul and faithfully visits him every week.

dsc08641-copyMarilyn decided to put a candle on his favorite cake. Cheesecake at his request.

dsc08643-copyAfter we sang Happy Birthday…

dsc08644-copyHe blew out the candle and we spent an hour or more just visiting. He has difficulty hearing on the phone. He rarely has his hearing aids in. But he had calls from friends and relatives in Germany. He has good days and bad days and this one was a good day. He could remember stories and bring up names from the past.

dsc08650-copyHe asked me to take a picture of him with all of his cards. Many of them have cats on them. He lost his cat recently and a stray was hanging around Bill and Linda’s house. They suggested he feed the cat. It is feral and now hangs around Paul’s big sliding glass window. And though he can’t pet it, he enjoys seeing the cat come and eat. He named her/him Roosevelt or Rosie. “I go both ways,” he joshed.

dsc08651-copyI worked on 85 shows with Paul, as his anchor. It amazed me how he could remember names of past friends while I struggled. Paul is a legend in our county. The Board of Supervisor’s named the studio after him as an honor. And his legacy of over 4,000 productions is an everlasting part of our county’s history. A productive, generous life, well lived.


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Everyone admits to having a junk drawer. A place to store something of a temporary nature, or something you don’t want to toss, but what good is it to keep? It ends up in the junk drawer. I have too many junk drawers.

DSC07722 (Copy)My daughter-in-law came for the weekend since “the guys” meaning my sons, and old high school friends have this big mega bash every year over super bowl weekend. They play poker, drink a lot of beer, golf on Sunday morning…well you get the picture. So Laurie and I poked around my junk drawers for stuff for a project she is working on. The picture was taken after we reduced the quantity of junk in the drawers by half.

DSC07723 (Copy)It was really nice because I cleaned out a large bag of crochet yarn that I’ll never use.  I took out most of my button collection;  It filled three large cigar boxes. Ribbons and badges from Community Club events will hopefully find a home in the local museum. Much of it represented past volunteer activities and some travel items like the museum patches above. Whoever heard of such obscure museums as the National Skating Museum?  The Cartoon Art Museum. I’ve been to an Eye Glass museum, a Bait Museum, a Knife Museum, a Funeral Museum, Bead Museums…   On the road with Jim, I (we)  visited every museum that came to our attention, no matter the subject or size. I wonder sometimes,  how many I’ve visited?

DSC07724 (Copy)Among the buttons were whirley-gigs  I made when two young nieces and a nephew came to visit for a week one summer. I also taught them to play Hide The Button.

DSC07726 (Copy)My mother visited Pope John Paul II when he visited San Francisco so many years ago. I have her holy cards, relics and a purported piece of the crucifixion cross; a metal from every California Mission she visited and more. My intention was to make a collage with her things. I’m  inspired anew.

I couldn’t hold in two hands the number of metal pins I saved with messages such as:  Our Owner’s Gay, from Chatom Vineyards. Elect Jeffrey’s for Sheriff; Warning: I go from 0 to Bitch in 3.5 seonds; USA Olympics, 2002; Chocolate Makes the World Go Round. TV4UBYU and so on. Useless.  Junk. For the Junk drawer.

DSC07719 (Copy)Laurie and I enjoyed the process. I got my fix of “fur” for a couple of days. Koko sat on my lap for a bit while we watched three episodes of Home Fires on DVD. We cooked and ate well, too. Idiotically, I didn’t take a picture of Laurie, just Koko and Bix.

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Do You Oovoo???

Even though I’m an ex-engineer, I’m slow to be up-to-date on the latest electronic happenings. I guess that’s because I haven’t seen or read the news in 13 years…plus I watch NO television at all with the exception of movies that Mary and I like. We have about 100 movies on board our motorhome. So…I guess what I’m saying is that I’m disconnected from the real world…which is just fine with me. It’s just the way I like it.

Thanksgiving Day Mary and I were at her youngest daughter’s home. While there, we communicated with Mary’s oldest son in Las Vegas, NV via video chat. A new experience for me. It was kind of neat and made for a nice family visit despite the fact we were all not at the same location.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a video chat with my son, his wife and my three grandkids, Jocelyn age 16, Eric age 14 and Jaime age 11 back in southeastern Connecticut. My grandkids know how to do all this video chat stuff and told me to use a system called Oovoo. So I downloaded it a few days back and yesterday enjoyed a nice 1/2 hour video visit with my family.

I tried to take some photos with my camera, but because of reflections reflections off of the screen of my computer…they were not very satisfactory…

Right near the end of our conversation, my grandson Eric showed me how to click a button on Oovoo to take a photo which works much better…

Most likely you are already video-chatting. You know how much nicer it is than a regular phone call.

But if you are not and want to consider Oovoo, here’s a link…

Try it…you’ll like it!

In other news…

Today is my 71st birthday. That’s was the reason I got my busy family in Connecticut to slow down for a visit with me yesterday via Oovoo. I’ll spend today quietly reading, walking, visiting with friends and chatting with friends via telephone. It’s supposed to be 63 and sunny here in Thousand Palms, CA today.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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Up On the Roof…

Have you ever wondered what’s up on the roof of an RV?

Most likely you haven’t…But…just in case you have…here’s your chance to find out. RV roofs tend to be similar. I took this photo a couple of days ago while cleaning the roof on our motorhome. You may click to the photo to enlarge it. The below numbers describe the item…

1- A 360 degree television antenna for receiving over the air television signal. We never use it. I could remove it…but it’s not bothering anyone so I let it alone.

2- XM Radio antenna which allows us 24 hour a day commercial free music.

3- Antenna for electronic signal amplifier for cell phone and Internet signals.

4- Kitchen area roof vent.

5- Refrigerator vent.

6- Air conditioner.

7- Air flow rotating vent which extracts odors from black and gray waste-water tanks.

8- Solar panel which allows us to get electricity from the sun.

9- Rear view camera and antenna which transmits the signal to a monitor in the driver’s cockpit area.

10- Bathroom vent.

11- Translucent plastic cover which allows light to enter the shower in the bathroom.

12- The ladder which allows access to the roof.

There…I bet knowing this information will help you sleep better tonight. Your welcome!  🙂

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
For more information about my three books, click this link:

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