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If the sky is slightly clouded, a desert sunrise can be truly spectacular. None of these photos were doctored, except to crop some of the bottom out. From a straight shot, I moved my lens to the left of the Shell station sign visible in the lower left corner.

I was rewarded by this beautiful pink and lavender sky.

When I closed in on the sign, the colors shouted.

Continually mesmerizing, flooding the campground in a purple glow. We sit back down to our computers and are drawn back to the scene spreading before us.

Within a matter of minutes, the colors move and change.

How can we not be grateful for nature’s show?

Then with a last burst of color, it begins to fade away.

We spent a busy “housekeeping” day. Jim cleaned out old files, fixed an appointment to have the motor home and Bronco washed and waxed.   I worked on learning how to get old music CD’s into my Ipod, and failed to figure it out. The music was fun, even so.  We danced around the motor home like teenagers.

Later in the day, I finished a bike ride  just in time. No sooner was the bike locked back on the Bronco when a desert windstorm came up, billowing sand about for a about four hours.

Luckily we are parked nose to the wind instead of broadside.

The  boon-dockers on the other side of the fence seemed to be getting the worst of it. We have more plants and gravel in the park. Their terrain is sandy. The desert is an unpredictable place. Not the worst storm we’ve ever been in nor the worst sand. We drove through a horrific sandstorm caused by ATV’s on our way to Lake Havasu  in 2010. And also a windstorm that blew 18 wheelers over like toys in Mojave.


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