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It was chilly and I could smell fall in the air. I worked outside feeling grateful I could work outside. That was not the case last year. I marveled at the beauty of my Japanese maple turning color but I didn’t get out until it was nearly dark to take a picture. But, it is another go fishing day for me anyway. Drive to Roseville to take my Homeless brother to see our sister.

DSC01557 (Copy)

Also a late picture of my woodpile.

It will be another go fishing day for me tomorrow because I will  take my housemate to the hospital for a minor surgical procedure. While waiting I’ll visit an old friend who had a break-in where all the food was stolen from the refrigerator and freezer. Nothing else was taken. The food banks are empty, in Tuolumne County, I’m told. She is 87 years old.  I kind of sizzle inside when I hear what a third world country we are turning into.  I’m bringing food with me.

On that subject, my son had his mower and gas can stolen from his yard when he left his house for a brief errand. Someone wants to work.

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