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Do I look like Stanley Steamer???

The extended weather forecast is indicating that the delightful sunny days with temperatures in the 70’s are coming to an end within a couple of days. So I need to finish my motorhome and Bronco cleaning soon. Fortunately I’m nearing the end.

I decided yesterday that I had better get Mary’s carpet cleaning machine busy on the motorhome carpeting…

This machine allows a person to spray on a cleaning solution and immediately follow with a strong suction which pulls the dirt out/off of the carpeting. It’s interesting to see how black the waste water is from this cleaning activity. As I’ve said before the road of life is a dusty and dirty one.

The vacuuming does not thoroughly dry the carpeting..but it should all be dry today…with our last…for now… day to be in the 70’s. The two-week forecast has us scheduled for day temps in the low 50’s and night-time in the high 20’s. Brrr…and I’m not scheduled to depart until four weeks from today.

Cleaning a sluggish shower drain completed my work day.

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