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Flying Southwest has become a habit. The comfort of a free check-in bag; getting your boarding pass on-line, open seating. I like it! The crew is great. No meals, simple snacks and drinks. Works for me. Regular food service is a difficult manuever on a plane, anyway. A good excuse to take yourself out for breakfast, or lunch. On my last leg from Vegas to Hartford, (economy, doncha know) the Flight Attendant announced that the smoking area was open-on the wing. If you can keep your cigarette lit, she will give you a free ticket!

One attendant, (her name was Sandy,) was studded with colorful, clever little pins given to her by customers. I wanted to take her picture and she told me no, I could get arrested. Hmmm!  It seems they feel endangered by that act, too many loonies out there. So, along with nice customers who give pins, are the loonies. I asked another flight attendant and she explained it was against company policy.  We do live in strange times. I had to settle for a photo of the airplane after landing in Hartford. It was raining. A good change from the sweltering weather my “weather whimp” partner has been living through, and complaining about, while I returned home for my family reunion.

Jim the mule, struggling with my heavy luggage. He’s such a clown. My luggage is easy rolling. Now, to use his genius to diagnose my put-put computer and hopefully rescue 3,000 pictures into a flash drive before it fails. Changing gears, back to some sight seeing instead of trouble shooting sprinkler clocks, hey…life on the road is interesting and invigorating. 

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