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I received the sad news of the passing of an old friend, Jack Wallace  Baugh, on New Years Day.
Leaders develop among men of all stripes. They have keen insight, energy and intellect to project into the future. They are idea people, who see things from all angles then take action. That was Jack.
He was admired and respected by those who knew him. He did much to promote better job conditions for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. His ideas were copied by other departments across the State of California and the Highway Patrol. And all of us who followed benefited from his leadership. And, they benefited but didn’t know him.

I’m lost to think of what a  fitting tribute for Jack might be?  Nothing seems adequate. To honor and value his friendship. To honor and support his wife and children. To remember. To be grateful that he came into our lives, and was there when we needed his leadership.

Jack Wallace Baugh, 1936 – 2011.
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