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Jim dropped me off at Baton Rouge Airport, on Tuesday, March 12th. It is a very small, neat little airport, easy to navigate.

My seat mate was a darling baby girl, only five months old.

DSC04196 (Copy)

There is nothing like a cute baby to get people acquainted. Her mom’s girl friend makes bows to match every special outfit she has. Whatta charmer.

DSC04222 (Copy)

The plane was the kind I like, on the small side, with a single seat on the left, and doubles on the right. The first leg from Baton Rouge to Houston was 52 minutes and pleasant.

DSC04207 (Copy)

Out the plane window, I could see the muddy river and all that swamp land of Louisiana I was  leaving behind.

DSC04221 (Copy)

The change of planes at Houston, where much remodeling is going on was brutal. A looong hike, two escalators…

DSC04231 (Copy)

…two people movers…DSC04226 (Copy)

…a tram ride. And, then, another long walk.

On board wasn’t pleasant either. I’ve flown United Airlines before and this is the first time I’ve had to suffer two very rude stews.  I bought a sandwich and the dressing spurted out of a difficult to manage plastic packaging across the tray holding a hot cup of coffee and a glass of water, and up my shirt to my neck. When I asked a stew if she could bring me some napkins, she told me, “It won’t do any good anyway it will just smear it”, and she walked away. The woman across the aisle from me gave me her napkin that I dunked in my water-glass to clean up. The stew than came back with some paper towels a bit later. I didn’t let it ruin my trip.   I reached Sacramento, went to dinner with my daughter’s family and drove to Murphys this morning, about 91miles.

DSC04232 (Copy)

My housemate throws any obvious junk mail away, but when I left, I was still getting bills from the accident  I knew they would be waiting for me when I returned. It was a long separation from my partner and my chosen lifestyle.  I will tackle the mail tomorrow.  I will  sleep tonight with pleasant dreams. I didn’t just look. I went into the rice fields, and bayous, I felt the mud and the water;  I threw beads and savored the rain; I chased birds and exalted in their beauty. I tasted new foods, and spices; I met interesting, wonderful people and learned new things. There are so many wonders out there if you move out of your comfortable rut and let yourself fly.

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