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Home Theater Experience On The Road…

A short while back we decided to upgrade our TV in the motorhome even though we are not big TV watchers. We replaced the original 20 inch, 58 pound monster that was installed at the time the coach was manufactured in February, 2006 and showing signs of impending failure. We replaced it with an LG 26 inch LCD-LED flat screen that weighs a mere 11.2 pounds.

In the last two evenings I watched the TV in earnest for the first time since leaving Mary’s home ten days ago. I decided to watch a two PBS VHS tape of Lewis & Clark…a total of four hours viewing…

These VHS tapes were fabricated in 1997. Despite being 14 years old, I was truly impressed with the clarity and the vivid colors when seen on the new TV…

As they say…the photos I took just don’t do it justice. Nonetheless…when coupled with our six-channel surround sound system…the Home Theater experience is very realistic right here in the comfort of our home on wheels. Bring on the DVD’s!

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