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DSC07746 (Copy)Women treasure their friendships and plant deep roots with each other. Lizz Emerson is one of the strongest women I know. Out of a job? No problem, I’ll have one tomorrow. From a non-opportunistic background, with no education, she raised her children, on her own, since they were little. One daughter has been a city supervisor and is now running for congress. Another has her own catering business in Sacramento. Both success oriented like mom.  Lizz, called me and said, I couldn’t make your birthday party, so its belated birthday party time. I’ll bring the food, what do you like? I told her I like vegetarian food and, voila. Let it be done.

DSC07738 (Copy).

DSC07739 (Copy)Hor’s de ouevres.

DSC07743 (Copy)A Mexican casserole with fresh corn, and olives rolled in lasagna noodles.

DSC07744 (Copy)A Greek spinach and cheese casserole. She brought the food cooked, and placed cheese on top before we put it in the oven to warm-up.

DSC07741 (Copy)She brought all the condiments, a Greek salad and dessert, too. I didn’t get pictures of everything. Plus, her instructions were that she wanted every guest to go home with food.

DSC07745 (Copy)First to arrive was Jan Stewart, who also couldn’t attend my 75th. I like to describe Jan as an expert at pushing all the negatives away, forgetting them and making haste to see sunshine in everything and everyone. She practices esoteric healing and she practices love. Love thy neighbor, love thy neighbor’s dog, love all children, help everyone you can. I’m grateful to be in her sphere and have felt her love and helpfulness.

IMG_4853 (Copy)Karen Phillips is my housemate. She’s been with me for 10 years. Loyal, conscientious, she literally keeps the home fires burning.  I could not have chosen a rambling lifestyle without her. Gathering my mail, watering my plants, keeping my place looked after and occupied. You name it, she does it. An excellent cook, she feeds me when I’m busy. This picture was taken in 2010.

DSC07747 (Copy)Margo and Pam were the last to arrive. Pam Quyle, raised a son on her own with no support.  Pam is a potter and drives a big truck delivering clay all over the Bay Area, besides making pots. She has one day a week off and arrived straight from work. Harried and tired and said, POUR THE WINE.

Margo Osborn has a son, a grandchild, divorced and in her late 60’s and continues to work. I love talking to Margo because she has such a diverse background and speaks with ease on any subject. Both she and Pam are associated with the wine industry. Margo’s winery was sold and she is the only employee retained from the former staff. Lucky for them, she is the most popular wine advocate in the county, as in “everybody knows Margo.” She speaks several languages and has a magic way with people. She was in Italy during my birthday party.

We managed to discuss all subjects important to women with no men around, as in breasts, bras, sex, men, food, life, shoes, healing our wounded souls and bodies as we age. Not necessarily in that order.

DSC07750 (Copy)Pam took a picture of all of us.

DSC07755 (Copy)And, someone took a picture of she and I. We share so many experiences. Lizz making me go out on New Years the year my husband died. Pam’s 25 year old son taking his first steps on my deck. Karen and I learning together how to deal with her adversarial boss. Jan performing reiki and meditative healing when my spirits were low. From Margo flows hiking club, zumba, health, sharing and “yes, let’s do it.” Our roots are deep. Girlfriends. Sisters all. Happy Valentines day.

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A bunch of the gals were whooping it up at the Elephant Saloon-whoops, I mean, Bar.  The Elephant Bar is a huge restaurant with a full service bar, great food and a dignified atmosphere. They have outside tables and gentle fans. As I mentioned in an earlier blog,  I wondered what would happen when I showed up with 14 others and only two people could drive? Apparently nothing daunts the recreation director for Thousand Trails because it all happened and we caravaned to Palm Desert for a fantastic lunch and shopping.

So you meet all these new “friends” and one of them quipped, after we all gave our names and where we were from, “So, you are all going to remember our names, right?”  And another, “There’s going to be a test!”
Well, the friendly woman who drove three of us in her dualie is parked in the middle above. She is Virginia. Easy for me since I have a daughter by that name. And, I learned about parking a dualie.(Two or more spaces, yah!)

On the left is an Asian Chicken Salad.Well, at least I remembered what she ordered.  And on the right is Earletta, named for her father Earl, an only child. Earletta lived in Germany for awhile and reminded me of the famous pageants they have in this secluded mountain town where the townspeople prayed for and end to the plague. They promised God if they didn’t get any more plague they would put on this pageant to honor God. That was in the 1400’s or something. The plague ended. They still put on the pageant every 10 years. Now I’m inspired to re-read my journal so I can remember the details of that trip. See what casual friendships can mean to you?

These two brave women wore white and ordered, (at least one of them did), something with tomato sauce. My mother would never let me wear white to school on sloppy joe day at the cafeteria. Tsk, tsk! One of these gals, (left) likes to iron. LIKES to iron? I told her my brother used to call his wife, LONI. It stood for little or no ironing.

These two gals were already friends and I caught one name, Betty, on the left. Pretty soon you find out that almost everyone here is from California, Oregon or Washington state. Are we having fun yet?

Our Make-It-Happen director from Thousand Trails on the right with a gal from the South, I think. We eventually find out we all have something in common, but it isn’t wearing white or pastel blue at a luncheon. (Remember that sloppy joe!!)

Here is Linda, on the left. I’m cheating on this one. I met Linda in the laundry and she helped me fold sheets. She is a full timer like my partner, Jim. Linda explained to me that most of her friends are people she has met at Thousand Trails because she has been on the road for so long. It happens, I’ve seen it. Not only that, she has beautiful, thick hair that she can and has donated to “Tresses For…” . I can’t remember the rest of the name of the organization that provides hair pieces for cancer patients and others needing hair. And, on the right is the $65 haircut. That is, she asked someone where to get her haircut locally and it cost her $65 bucks. She warned us, “…ask the price first.” Whew! That could save me a bundle.

Now, here I am with my table partner to my left. And, being a name dork, I don’t remember her’s. But, you know, it doesn’t really matter. We chatted, and enjoyed each others company because women are wonderful. Who knows when you might meet a Ya Ya from the Sisterhood.

I must share with you my braised lamb shanks-(to die for.).  THEN, we went shopping.  Remember, this is second hand store stuff. I wanted a silverware divider to fit in my motor home drawer. My daughter-in-law gave me a ration about “…setting my sights a little higher”. So, how is this Laurie?

This beautiful leather and fox coat was only $995.00. Laur, I WAS tempted.

I really liked this painting if I could have gotten it for $75. But, I wasn’t willing to pay $295 for it.

This might have looked good on the Christmas shed wall, but its too big to carry in the motorhome.

So, I settled for a Rolls Royce.

To see all 34 pictures I took, check the following link:
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