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When traveling, you become conscious of signs that kind of bend your eye.  I find them clever, beautiful or just plain humorous.  The After Dark Cafe kind of suggests a bit of mystery. Its from the Marigny District of New Orleans.

St. Martinsville even has a street sign for an alley, which I thought was amusing, including the name. No history of why it is so named.

I’ve seen a number of neighborhood watch signs but never with a burglar graphic. Right to the point.

This humorous piece of work was located in a fresh fish shop that didn’t have any fresh fish, as it turned out.

Drive by pictures are less than readable, sometimes. But, in heavily Catholic Cajun Country, this sign struck me as funny. I guess there are malcontents in every walk of life.

This New Orleans establishment did a clever take-off on the Urban Cowboy.

I’m not sure if this is an eating establishment or a Jazz Club. But, in any case, it was a beautiful neon.

Being a perpetual tourist is hard work, as Jim likes to joke. Its nice to rest and do nothing but sit around and read. I’m learning a lot about Louisiana history and enjoying it very much. I bought four books about Louisiana and have finished two of them. What a great state.

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From Mary’s desk:

Jim and I left Venice and threaded our way back to civilization. Since Katrina, people who live and work in Venice and surrounds, have to drive one and one-half  hours to do grocery shopping in Belle Chasse. There are no movies, restaurants, bowling allies, bingo games or Community Clubs in Venice. We asked Terri, the attendant at Cypress Cove why do people live here? Jobs, is the answer, and family. The oil rigs are located here and oil riggers are well paid. Everyone else loves fishing and charter operations. If you are married to one…well, you get a job to have something to do or you read and watch television. (No library, but you can order books on-line.)

On the trip back, I smiled at some business names, and signs, along the way.

Madre And Sons Towing. Sounds stronger than Mother and Sons.

Born To Fish Charters. Now that is the one I’d try if I were looking to go fishing.

Along the road, its common to see restaurants with warm and fuzzy names like Country Cooking, Home Cooking,  Just like Moms, or Mom’s Kitchen, or something referring to good old Mom. How about Maw’s Place. Now, that’s “down home” for ya.

At one Katrina wrecked house we saw a home made sign that read: Ronnie Graniers Back. A little welcome note of triumph.

And, speaking of triumph, there is a town with that name, Triumph, LA.

In one of my previous lives, I collected stamps and postmarks. I meant to find towns all over America with interesting post marks, like Why, AZ or  Cut N’ Shoot, TXNorth Pole, AK, Panic, PA, Normal, IL, Peculiar, MO, Waltz, MI, and , Whynot, MS.  It was fun at the time. Now post marks are machine made and centralized to larger towns. You have to write to the Post Master to get the mark of a small local place. Collecting post marks is a good way to get kids  get interested in maps and  geography.  Adults, too.

It rained when we left Venice and the motor home and Bronco are spattered with mud. But, we are parked in Raceland, its gonna be a sunny day, and who knows what’s around the corner?

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