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Vegas has finally outlived its early reputation for gaudy flashy signage. Those same gaudy flashy signs are now a cherished part of history. Someone with fore sight saw fit to save bunches of the old signs and they are now displayed on the old Las Vegas “strip”, Fremont Street. These signs have bulbs and neon. Some are still part of working businesses. All fun and flashy, trying to draw you in. The more flash the better. Others are part of a Neon Museum which we will visit this week, along with the Fremont Street light show some night this week.

This rather conservative neon sign was and early one. A nearby placque explains that the first lighted sign on the street was erected in 1929.

The Aladdin Casino didn’t survive, but its lamp is still on.

This sign is on Fitzgeralds Casino and the script tells you,  How To Get Out Of A Bad Hand. It kind of resembles a get out of jail free card.

I loved the name of this place. It’s a piano bar that plays everything, blues, a bit of soul, rock, pop, country.  The warning signs on the window suggest it can get pretty rowdy. But,  on Sundays they play classical music. If I were a night owl, this is where I’d hang out.

The new Vegas clubs are behemoths, resort style places. They don’t care for the old Vegas sizzle, let it-all-hang-out sexiness.  Y’all-come on in honey. But, if you are looking for that old fun razzmatazz, there is still some to be had here.

There’s still eye popping girls, girls, girls around town not too sophisticated to let you take a picture-for a tip, of course.

I liked the mix of the new and the old. This restaurant has a modern lighted sign, but its doors are right out of Arabian Nights.

The lure of easy riches prevails. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

And, a real 61 pound solid gold nugget on display at….where else?  The Golden Nugget Casino.

We are looking forward to seeing this big fellow lit up. Its hard not to lament the passing of the old Vegas. But, progress is progress.

Now you can zoom overhead on a zip-line above the old Vegas Strip.

Or sit on underwater lounges at the Golden Nugget and watch people sliding through glass tubes with sharks swimming about. Hey, not too shabby.

Or enjoy people watching from the deck at Mickie Finnz while you enjoy a cool brew or sandwich.

And, you can still look for that luck to bless you with untold riches. That’s what its all about. Ca-Chinka, ca-chinka, ca-chinka. $$$$$

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On the road, a person can get into signs in a big way, which I do. I like humorous ones, particularly, but my quirks of personality lead me to various others. I lament the ones I missed because we were moving; they turn out blurry; or because its inconvenient to stop a big rig at that moment given traffic and so on. But, the couple in this video very determinedly took pictures of all welcome-to-our-state signs. Many obviously shot from a moving vehicle. You can see the results on the following link:

Nicely done. In years past travelers bought stickers, available at every gas station convenience store, from each state they passed through. Folks would stick them to their car windows or rig. Few people expected to get to all 48 contiguous states. Then, people weren’t quite as mobile as they are now. A neighbor of mine collected spoons from each state. They get cumbersome after awhile. The pictures, though, are a great keepsake like postcards of the past. Economical, harmless fun.

As a beer drinker, I find a sign like this on a hot day a compelling beacon to stop.

This sign kind of twiggles the senses, its funny but to the point.

This is a road sign but I can’t help but think of some kind of exotic sandwich when I look at it.

It takes a second to decide if this onion is an octopus in disguise or not.

And FAITH is hard to come by in this sign. It took some concentration to get an A out of the second letter and the T looked much like a V. One thing, these signs remind us how lucky we are for American affluence, that we have the leisure to enjoy such innocent pursuits.

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From Mary’s desk:
Signs have been around since 18,000 BC, if you count paleolithic communications on cave walls. Signage as we identify with it has been around since ancient times, telling people who couldn’t read where to find the bakery or lodging. And, of course, most ancient people couldn’t read. The concept of advertising with them more or less started with an edict issued to English pubs in 1393. The pubs were required to post a sign identifying their location for the official ale tasters. I have no idea why an official ale taster was necessary. Probably just a political perk. But, the ale houses began to compete for the most interesting and attractive signs until they finally had to make a law about size because the signs got so big, they’d bump people in the head and threatened to fall on people and kill them. Typical commercialism gone whacky. No surprise there. And, of course, signs are a must, absolutely important to all of us today. And they should communicate clearly, in this fast modern age, at a glance, what is intended. Some do and some don’t.

We all know that this is a hotel vacancy. Clear, colorful, interesting. I love signs.

This one makes it point. Its open and has pretty good stuff. Not a clue about what kind of stuff, though, so its kind of vague.

Now, this is an official street sign. You need to read it on the fly while driving. What exactly does thickly settled mean? I don’t live in this state so I have to think about it. If you have to think about it, the sign hasn’t done its job efficiently.

This sign is right to the point, Dry Goods. Its beautiful and huge. But, its on the inside of the store instead of outside? I think the proprietor is afraid it will get stolen. And, signs are often stolen. I know of a Pig Turd Alley sign where the county changed the name because the sign was so repeatedly stolen. Dang. I didn’t get a picture of it, either. And, I didn’t get a picture of the sign on Chappaquiddick of Whale Jaw Farm. I mean, what is a whale jaw farm?  I would have loved to peek, but since I wasn’t the driver, I couldn’t be nosy.

This one is absolutely clear and concise. Nice

This one is clear as well. What I love about this sign is the figure. Its old fashioned. The short pants and socks are from the 1920’s. This came from Marthas Vineyard and will be replaced by something like this soon:

Ugh. No character at all. Efficient use of paint, though. I remember reading where some airlines saved a ridiculous amount of money by eliminating one olive from its lunch plate. Go figure. The state must have to save money too. No feet. No hair. Saving the taxpayers purse. We all complain about our taxes, right?
Then there are signs that communicate quite well, on T shirts, useful objects, sides of barns or whatever. People wear signs all the time and don’t think of them as signs.

Man’s best friend is often maligned for his normal bodily functions. I love humorous T-shirts and signs on cups and such.
I expect I’ll continue to take pictures of signs as we travel. I guess you can tell we stayed home and watched a movie, looked through old pictures and in general, took a day off.

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