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You may NOT wear any revealing or “skimpy” clothes. If deemed too revealing, we will ask that you put your pants back on. This includes thongs, jock straps, a**-less chaps, whitey-tighties that can be seen through etc. Please use common sense. You are responsible for obeying the law.

Those are the stated rules. This is Seattle’s big, bizarre fun day-IT IS  JANUARY 8th. PANTS LESS SUNDAY.

Officially called No Pants Light Rail Ride, it is just a fun, kind of bizarre way to start the new year when the weather chills. A bit like a polar bear swim.

The “No Pants” event  stunt started on New York’s subways about a decade ago, and it has gained popularity in other places. Pictured are people from Seattle’s event.  Word of mouth usually spreads through e-mail lists and Facebook — kind of like the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A week ago, Seattle Post Intelligencer learned that about  90 locals had RSVPed to the ride, with about 60 on-the-fence “maybes.”

“I am shaving and shivering for this event,” one fan wrote. “I am so shopping too for some lovely panties.”

The SPI pictures are from Joshua Trujillo’s blog which shows  guys in pink-flowered shorts and others wearing tights. Crazy socks. Women with net stockings. Fun. The photos are from the 2011 event.

The No Pants Light Rail Ride in Seattle on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011. (Joshua Trujillo,

Once on board, the pants come off, one leg at a time.

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The new EPA ratings netted the Nissan Leaf a 99 MPGe, and the Tesla Roadster 119 MPGe. Their latest all-electric competitor, the Mitsubishi i, has been rated at an impressive 112 MPGe, with an estimated 98 miles of all-electric range. Now that is encouraging. I can’t recommend enough the website :

I signed up for email notifications and find some amazing work going on around the world  with new technologies and automobiles. Beating big expensive oil sounds much more possible whenever I read Gas 2.0.  Understand that the MPG figure with the small e is how miles per gallon is translated into an equivalent electric range.

We take our comfortable rides for granted, but here are some automobile firsts:

The steering wheel first replaced the tiller in 1900 on the Ohio Automobile Co. Packard Model C.
New York issued the first license plates in 1901.
Oldsmobile had the first speedometer and a car called Gobron-Brillie hit 103.55 mph in Belgium soon after in 1904.
The first reported stolen car was reported in St. Louis in 1905.
Prince Henry of Prussia invented the windshield wiper in 1911 and had it fitted to his Benz.
Gulf Oil opened the first drive-in Gas Station in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1913.
The first drive in restaurant opened in 1921, the Pig Stand, in Dallas, TX.
Denver took delivery of the first car designed especially for police work in 1922, a Cadillac. It was called a bandit chaser with a gun rack, two rifles and two searchlights.
Car radios were first sold in 1929 by Motorola.
On July 16, 1935, Oklahoma City put up the first parking meter. (Curses on you Oklahoma.)
Oldsmobile introduced the automatic transmission, its Hydra-Matic in 1939.
The 1939 Nash offered air conditioning as an option. Dubbed the Weather Eye.
Bucket seats were first placed in the 1955 Corvettes and Thunderbirds.

Air conditioning didn’t become a standard until many years later. I remember a 1961 Dodge with air conditioning that consisted of a bucket the driver filled with  ice placed on the hump between the driver and front seat passenger. A small fan plugged into the cigarette lighter and blew “cooled” air into the interior. When the ice melted, you had to stop somewhere and fill it up again. What a hoot. But those bucket seats, now those were comfortable and sexy. Wow! So, who put in the first cigarette lighter?

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Jim and I went for burger night at the American Legion last night. There I met Kathy, a fun gal who found a treasure. Some earrings she hadn’t seen in a couple of years. She took them to the hall  to show her friends. We talked her into putting them on for a picture, except, I only had my cell phone with me.  Now, these earrings were six inches long and bountiful with beads. Real creations that demand special consideration of when and where a person would wear them. (She got lots of advice.) With her long blonde hair, the earrings were stunning on her. The pictures turned out nice…but…I don’t have the USB cord to get the pictures off my phone. Dang, I hate it when I go somewhere without my camera. So, I searched the net for earrings to provide a similar picture of Kathy’s earrings. I looked at “shoulder dusters” , Chandeliers, sexy exotic long earrings. There was Statement jewelry, Gypsy Moon, ethnic earrings, stiletto dangles, cosmic beads, comet glass…nothing  compared to her original creation until I checked Ebay. There, my friends, was a real shoulder duster, and its vintage. Longer than Kathy’s, but Kathy’s earrings were wider with several falls.  The search was fun and I learned a lot about ear wear.  The beer and burger were good, too.

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