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Larry and Jan Seaberg invited us to a pot luck being held at the family lodge at the park. Mostly regulars with permanent sites, the folks that walk together in the mornings.

DSC03204 (Copy)

What Larry and Jan didn’t know when they invited us is the party was a surprise celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary two days hence. I don’t know everyone’s names, but Bob, spelled with one-o, (the way he introduces himself) organized the celebration and presented them with a gift of gold inscribed 50th anniversary glasses.

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Larry made a speech about what an event like this means. That long term marriages have ups and downs, and rewards. But he addressed this crowd, like he and Jan, who come from everywhere to beat the cold climate and enjoy their golden years in Palm Desert.  He said, loosely quoted, “Sure we come to this place like all of you. But, we also come because of the people here.  We wouldn’t have continued for eighteen years if it weren’t for friends, our second family. We know they always have our back and are there for us when we need them.”

DSC03208 (Copy)

Jan, chased a tear and quipped, “Larry, do you think we’ll remember the next 50?”

DSC03191 (Copy)

I tried to get pictures of everyone.

DSC03197 (Copy)

People like any opportunity to get together and chat.

DSC03199 (Copy)


DSC03198 (Copy)

Before the sit-down, Jan made the rounds of people as they gathered in clumps to visit.

DSC03200 (Copy)


DSC03194 (Copy)

There was a card for everyone to sign.

DSC03193 (Copy)

And a lovely cake.

DSC03207 (Copy)

And, that wiley Bob, with one-o, singled out another couple who have been married 60 years. And they, too, were presented with engraved glasses. Whatta nice guy.

DSC03192 (Copy)

Most likely other long-term marriages exist among the group given we are all seniors.

DSC03196 (Copy)

I expect everyone here is a candidate.

DSC03203 (Copy)

I was sitting next to Bob with one-o and his wife Ethyl, in the lilac blouse. They have been married 62 years. It must take a sense of humor. That is what I notice most about people who stay together. We had a lovely time. I ate too much of good food.

DSC03209 (Copy)

After desert, someone brought out a big  bottle of Kahlua. This lovely lady told me someone gave her a bottle as a gift. She never opened it. “Now, that I know how good it is,” she said, “I’m going to open it.”  I laughed.


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Yesterday, I had appointments and shopping to do. As a blogger I’ve become more observant of everything I do and thus  enjoy using my camera for slice-of-life shots or curiosities like  this hand decorated car parked next to mine at the eye doctor. Not sure what Stay down wit da clown means?At the grocery store, I was attracted by the bright red hair and the affectionate pose.

I visited a friend who was recently hospitalized.

His life has been shortened by an insect bite that led to multiple problems from flesh-eating bacteria;  a weakened heart and other maladies.  I enjoy visiting him every time I return home because he always has a smile,  a quip and a twinkle in his eyes.

When I returned to the house, I saw something…

I zoomed out to this…

And zoomed out again…

…to here.  My upstairs neighbor was bringing this picture to the thrift store.  I was trying for the affect my grandson described in the book, Zoom. Not exactly an impressive set of photos. I quickly realized what  a difficult method reverse zoom can be. One must find the perfect situation to make it work. Maybe next time.

But, if you notice the rusted gold pan in the above photo leaning against the garage wall?

Would you have recognized it from this close-up?


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