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We left Murphys and spent the night at Thousand Trails Lake Minden, just north of Sacramento in the small town of Nicolaus. What a pleasant place. A cooling breeze across the lake and a green, private parking place. We listened to a chorus of bull frogs at night and slept like babies. It got cool enough to add a blanket, and then, and then we walked the lake in the morning, hit the road and arrived at the Redding Moose Club. Its 93 degrees outside and there is no shade here. What happened? The weather wimp is complaining big time.
Plus a relay switch keeps popping off giving us fits and starts on the water pump and the whole 12 volt system we use when boondocking.

The saving grace here is the friendly people you meet at Moose Lodge #1006.  Molly Smith has taken up the nearly lost art of tatting, something I tried  years ago and at which I failed. She showed me the basic steps and gave me some hints for practicing before starting a major project.

This piece is beautiful and will be a snowflake Christmas ornament when finished.

Her husband, Mark Smith is hoping to be the first Senator of the State of Jefferson. I’ve know about Jefferson, and heard the story before, but I didn’t know that the Redding Moose Club falls within the boundaries of the State of Jefferson.
Jefferson is roughly 100,000 square miles and uses up part of California, Nevada and Oregon. All of the work for forming this state was done years ago. The various counties involved signed and voted for it; the bill for establishing Jefferson got to the floor of Congress and was set to be voted upon December 8, 1941. It took an immediate back seat when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.
But around Jefferson, hope never dies. You can read why on their website:

And here is a map from Wikkipedia showing the territory involved. If it had passed, the State of Jefferson.
would have been our 49th state.
We also found a couple who represent a different kind of road warriors. They,like us were at a shopping mall. Unlike us, rolling on wheels, they have a back pack and walk it.

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