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This is an optical illusion that I got from a website entitled Halloween Optical Illusions. I enjoyed Halloween soooo much as a kid. We liked it when someone would decorate and entice us in and scare us half to death. We couldn’t wait to go back to the same house the following year.

Today, kids are overprotected and  attend chaperoned parties, or closely guarded trick or treating, which is safe, but where is the thrill?  Are the dangers of trick or treating overblown? I don’t have an answer for that. I do know that my son, several years ago, sat on his dimly lit porch with his pumpkin full of candy and he would give a scary laugh as the kids came up to his porch. Some kids got wide-eyed and scared and would hang back. They would watch half fearfully while they grabbed a piece of candy from the pumpkin and ran with their booty.  One mother lambasted him for scaring her daughter and shouted at him, “This isn’t about being scary, my daughter is a Princess.”  Now he turns off his lights at Halloween and no longer attempts to give out candy. He figures the next parent might sue him for scaring a kid.


Another optical illusion. But, if you really want scary, all you have to do is read the newspapers, for me, on-line.

I found a stomach turning video of what goes into cooking oil in China. Shudder. 

You probably don’t want to watch it, but here is the link:

Then there is the Arkansas cop who tasered a woman because she refused to show him her breasts? Well, I had a hard time to believe this one. But, it is scary because it is true.


You kind of have to cross your eyes to see the full skull in this one. Hint-the apron drawn tightly at the waist is the skull’s teeth.

No one is going to be scared by the optical illusions, but they are creative. The news, on the other hand, is definitely scary. But, away with that. How about fifty states, fifty sandwiches?

Arkansans like a fried baloney sandwich. Maybe that cop ate a few too many.

Hey, Happy Halloween.  BOOO!


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