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China Rolls Out Homes On Wheels

At this time I’m just hanging out enjoying the nice weather at Thousand Trails Thunderbird RV Resort in  Monroe, Washington. About one month ago I wrote several Blogs entries about this beautiful park. If you are interested, they are easy to find.

Since nothing unusual is happening to write about, I thought I share another interesting RV story with you..

You can read about it by clicking this link…

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We’ve Become Elite…Well, Kinda-Sorta…

I obtained my Thousand Trails RV Resort Membership in 2002. It’s called the basic membership and it provides for access to about 60 campgrounds which they call preserves, because they believe in preserving nature. Two-weeks in, one-week out of the system before you can re-enter. Reservations can be made 90 days in advance. There’s an annual membership fee of $559 a year…no per-night costs.

Mary purchased an identical membership identical to mine in 2009 so that we could go from park-to-park without having to deal with the one-week out of the system.

About one year ago Thousand Trails came out with a membership upgrade called Elite. Mary and I have chatted about it off-and-on for the last year.

Since I’m at the La Connor Preserve (one of only three sales locations in the west) and know the Sales Rep (aka Membership Director) Brad Stolzenburg, really well, I decided to investigate about the details of the membership.

Brad now sits at the same desk I occupied ten years ago when I sold memberships for Thousand Trails…

I will drop/give away my membership. We will upgrade Mary’s membership and both of our names will appear on it. Instead of having to pay two annual dues per year, we will now have only one (the same as we pay now), and the dues will be frozen for the rest of our lives. In effect, doing this cuts our current dues in one-half.

Among other benefits of the upgrade are:

120 day advance reservations,

21 day stays (twice a year for $29 you can extend a stay to four weeks),

We will be able to go park-to-park with no time between stays,

We will gain about another 21 additional parks,

All linear family members (up to eight) may apply for family courtesy cards which allows for the same privileges as the primary members for $32 a year, (they may not use the system while we are in it). Four of these cards may be converted to National Memberships, which can be used even while we are in the system, by paying the annual dues of $559,

Included is a free (for the first year and $149 per thereafter) Resort Parks International membership which allows access to many other RV parks across the nation. There is a modest $10 nightly fee to stay at these parks,

Frozen dues for life,

The membership may be put into an Inactive Status for up to five years with no dues required.

The membership may be sold after two years for no more than the original sales price.

Mary and I hope to continue RVing for at least another ten years. In which time the cost of our upgrade was more than well covered by not have to pay two sets of annual dues.

Thousand Trails offers several levels of membership. If interested you may contact Brad for the details at his office at 800-884-1113. Please note that I am no longer associated with Thousand Trails Membership Sales in any way.

Here is a map showing all 81 locations. Some states do not have locations because of insufficient RV traffic/usage…

The best way to maximize the financial benefits of a membership is to use it a lot and frequently…which we intend to do. Go RVing!

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More Photos From The Preserve…

In recent days I’ve shown you a lot of photos from specific areas of my current camping spot at Thousand Trails RV Resort in La Connor, Washington. There are 81 parks in the system which they call preserves because they are working to preserve nature.

Here are some more general views of this beautiful park…

Finally, a memorial to my friend Glenn Burzenski…the manager of this park from August 1978 to June 2004. He passed away at the age of 57 from liver and kidney cancer. He was a real likeable guy.

The last year (2002) that I worked at this park in membership sales, Glenn was threatening to retire. He and I actually went out looking at RV’s for him to consider purchasing. He kept on saying….”I need to save just a little bit more money, maybe in another year.” When I visited in 2003 as a member…same story. When I returned in 2005, I found that he had passed away.

As I travel, I tell anyone who will listen…”Retire as early as you can…A bad day of RVing beats a good day of work!”

Tomorrow…The Big Picture…

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Recreational Activities Abound…

Jim says:

at my current location in Thousand Trails RV Resort at 1000 Palms, about 10 miles east of Palm Springs, California.

There’s a real nice pool for water volleyball…


and a spa…


A large horseshoes court…


Pickleball is halfway between tennis and ping-pong…


An exercise room…


A family lodge where meals are served…


A billiards room…


And a library where you can trade books or checkout videos…


and the Recreation Lounge where such activities as craft sales, RV seminars (I’ve given several presentations about mt 16,000+ mile, 343 day RV trip to Panama here), manager’s meetings with campground residents, church services, cookie decorating, candy bar bingo, potluck meals, line dancing lessons, Texas Hold’em tournaments, big screen travelogues, card playing, puzzle doing, musical jam sessions, reading, a wifi signal for computer users, Friday night at the movies and Saturday Night dances.


And then you have all of the recreational activities to be found in the Coachella Valley/Palm Springs area. Whew!

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